5 Benefits You Can Get From Fermented Vegetables

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I invited a new blogging friend of mine to guest post for me today, and I’m excited for you to see what she’s come up with! When I was on the AIP, fermented food was a big part of the diet because of inflammation and a ‘health gut’, but I was actually pretty bad at getting enough of it into my meals. Aldy has some good tips below, both for what fermented foods you can incorporate into your diet, and why. Take it away, Aldy!

Hi everyone, my name is Aldy, and I blog about healthy + refined sugar-free foods on my blog aldentegourmet.com. I’m delighted to have met Amalia and honored that she invited me to post on her lovely blog today.

I chatted with Amalia about today’s post, and she loved the idea of me talking about Fermented Vegetables. So today I’ll be sharing with you a few amazing health benefits that you can get from eating Fermented Vegetables.

Fermented vegetables are the ultimate popular superfood! And there’s only so much goodness you can get from having fermented vegetables that you’ll be amazed. Let’s get started!

5 Benefits you can get from Fermented Vegetables

#1 Get Lots of Good Bacteria

Eating Fermented Vegetables are simply one of the best ways for you to get ‘Probiotics’ or in other words ‘Lots of Friendly good bacteria that can keep your intestinal flora happy and healthy and enhance your immune system.’

Now there are a few different ways you can get this ‘good bacteria’ into your body besides the one you can buy in stores. You can get it from eating a variety of fermented food such as; yogurt, fermented tea, fermented beans, and last but not least Super delicious fermented vegetables!

#2 Healthy Digestive System

Having lots of ‘Good Bacteria’ into your system means that your digestive system will be much stronger and that your intestinal flora will absorb food much better. Probiotics have the incredible ability to help you balance the digestive system and relief digestion.


#3 Enhancing Your Immune System

Fermented Vegetables will also help you strengthen your immune system and protect your body from an array of infections that can easily go throughout your intestines, causing harmful illnesses. So incorporating fermented vegetables into your everyday eating it’s an amazing way to keep your immune system at its best. Just add it to your favorite foods!

#4 Help you with Inflammation

Fermented Vegetables, particularly fermented red cabbage have a great anti-inflammatory effect on the body. In can suppress inflammation in the digestive system like bloating or when the stomach becomes swollen. So, yes, you can naturally keep inflammation down with food. Isn’t this great!

#5 Good Health at Low Cost

You can easily make your own Fermented vegetables, even if you never made fermented vegetables before! There’s no need for extraordinary equipment to make this amazing food and you’ll only need a pretty basic equipment to start. You can add fermented vegetables to your favorite salads, in a sandwich, soup, sautéed vegetables and even tacos! It’s delicious.


Thank you so much, Amalia for inviting me to your blog, I hope everyone enjoys it!

Thank you, Aldy, and I’m sure everyone will! I look forward to working with you again, and dear readers, don’t forget to check out Aldy’s blog, and leave a comment below!


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