5 Things I Learned in October + Some Senior Photos!

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1. I love really thick wool yarn.
I suppose this is self-explanatory. I’ve been knitting my blanket for four weeks now, and last week I just went shopping for more thick yarn to knit hats for my brothers, who have been begging. I now feel like I have a ‘stash’ of yarn. I like that feeling. Anyone want to come yarn shopping with me? 😉 And the wool. . . well, wool is wool. Wool is wonderful.

2. History is the best time of my school day.
Why? Because my History books are audiobooks on my MP3 player, and Scout and I often take walks together along the roads and fields around our farm during history.


3. When you finally adjust to knitting with big needles, it’s tough to go back to small.
I started knitting washcloths in the car again when my blanket got to big to carry with me, and it’s weird switch back and forth. . .

4. It’s really fun to surprise people with baked goods.
I have a friend who says I ruined lemon bars for him. Not because my lemon bars are terrible, but because, apparently, my lemon bars are so good that he doesn’t like any other lemon bars now. He brings it up often, and so, when Mum asked me to make a dessert for a friend and she happened to be driving by his house, she dropped some off for me. No note, just lemon bars. Both friends were thrilled–I want to surprise people with baked goods more often. 🙂

5. Senior pictures are a lot of fun.
We just recently took my senior pictures–well, some of them. A few months ago one of my best friends took some, and then last week Mom took more. I have had a couple of requests for me to post my senior photos, and luckily, I just finished editing the ones from last week! So here are a few of my favorites. . .

But before we get to that! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, take a moment to do that now, and you’ll see more senior photos , my lemon bars, and more behind-the-scenes stuff!


We didn’t notice the skull was in the pictures, but I actually really like it. It’s very strange, and makes me laugh. Yay!











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