7 Things I Learned in September

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September’s gone, and I’m in denial. But not because summer is gone–no, I love fall! But It’s nearly mid-October now. Ahh! I am very ready for fall, though. Books, knitting, coffee, fires in the stoves, having my kitties curl up on my lap, the leaves turning colors, canning veg. . . But before we turn completely to fall and the looming winter to come, here are 7 things I learned in September. . .

1. How to knit circular washcloths!
I love learning new fun things like this! I learn much better visually, so I found this tutorial with photos, although I didn’t do the star-edge, just circular, similar to this pattern. Circular knitting is fun. Now on to the next challenge!

2. I love surprising people on their birthday. . . especially when I haven’t seen them what seems like forever.
My best friends are off at college, but luckily less than an hour away, so I still get to go to choir concerts, plays, track meets, and, of course, birthdays. I hadn’t seen my friends since they left–over a month–so it was great getting to surprise them!

3. River-walking is about as fun as muleback riding up the mountains.
Especially if you have the right people river-walking with you. I did. At Ponca West my cousins, Mummy, Auntie and I went ‘river-walking’ for a couple of hours and got completely drenched (well, my cousins and I), and it was the most fun I’ve had since muleback riding up the mountains!


4. Don’t get low on yarn.
. . .because as soon as you do, it’ll be Migraine Week and you’ll need lots of yarn to knit up!

5. I love Ravelry!
As it’s getting colder, I decided to ditch my normal washcloth knitting (at least for the most part) to knit up a warm, chunky blanket with thick yarn and chunky knitting needles! When I started thinking about knitting a blanket, I got on Ravelry and started looking at patterns, and it helped immensely. Now I have too many patterns I want to try!


6. Always keep a notepad near by.
Over the last couple of weeks, I was in my room most of the time (migraine/allergies–yay!), and either I would be having conversations with people/characters/myself in my head, or I would be thinking about something completely random when a story idea or fragment would pop into my head. And if I don’t write it down quickly, it disappears as fast as it came. I have a whole pile of ripped pages, scraps of paper, and sticky notes now, all full of notes and story fragments.

7. Having a weakness for old books pays off. . .
I tend to pick up lots of books. I have a weakness, especially, for old books (no matter what they are, or what language they’re in), and I found these gems on the library free table!
They are (top to bottom): The House of The Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorn, Natural Wonders Every Child Should Know (with a simple cover, a beautiful starfish that captured my heart), and, the crowning glory. . . The Tour of The World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne.
Why ‘tour’ and not ‘around’? I don’t know. (Do you? Let me know!) My guess is that somehow I’ve gotten a hold of a early (or first) edition, and they changed the name in later printings!


These are only 7 things I learned in September, but I’m sure there are more. . .
What did you learn in September?








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