7 Things I Learned this Summer

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It’s mid-August, so summer’s not exactly over here in the Midwest, but school starts in a week so it feels like it. Even looking at the weather and seeings it’s still 80s all week! But since I haven’t written all summer *gulp*, I thought I’d write down a few things I’ve learned. . .

1. Just get it done!
Especially when it comes to college stuff. Don’t worry about it, just do it already.

2. Figure out how you to take care of yourself before you go on vacation.
My health just keeps changing and throwing curve balls at me. It’s not much fun. Especially going on vacation during migraine week. Uck. I realized my mistake halfway through, when I was trying to drink enough coffee just so that I could leave the hotel room, rather than curl up in bed like I would at home. I made it through alright, and it was fun–there were just a couple of days that made me realize I should have figured out how to take care of myself better beforehand.

3. I hate beta blockers.
Seriously hate them. I was on them for about 2 months, and after weaning myself off of them (I think I hate any meds that have to be slowly cut off. . . it’s like a slow release–I see the light, but can’t. . . quite. . . reach. . .) and now I’m finally done with them. They’re one of the (mercifully) few meds I’ve taken that actually had side effects. Getting anxious easily and not sleeping? No thanks! Bye-bye beta blockers.

4. Non-fiction is a lot more fun than I gave it credit for.
I never used to read non-fiction much, so it really surprised me when I realized a couple months ago that 3 of the 4 books I was currently reading (not the best idea to read 4 books at a time, but oh well) were non-fiction! In fact, the majority of the books I’ve read this summer have been non-fiction. The books I listen to are fiction, but the physical books? Non-fiction all the way, from light topics like Carol Burnett’s book about her show (so much fun!), to more serious C.S. Lewis. . . I’m beginning to love non-fiction just as much as fiction.

5. The Nebraska passport program is lots of fun–from both sides of the counter!
The bookstore where I work is on the Nebraska Passport Program this year, and until I listened to the seminar on how we were supposed to run it, I had never heard of the program before. But I thought it was a great idea, and I decided that as a last-summer-before-college thing that Mack (who was also excited about it) and I should go on some adventures together to visit the different stops. . . so I’ve seen the program from both sides of the counter, stamping the passports of many, many participants at the shop, plus getting our passports stamped all around NE!

6. It’s great to have a group.
Silly, I know, but ever since the melodrama we’ve had a group of 4-8 of us that meet up nearly every week to go on walks, go to dances, movies, etc, and it’s lovely. I’ve always had a group, but we usually just saw each other at drama practice or church, so I suppose it’s new to me to have a group that intentionally hangs out often, just to be together and do fun things, rather than just seeing each other at school.

7. Coffee is the best. So is yoga.
I’ve recently started drinking coffee every morning, instead of just when I have migraines, and I love it. My relationship with coffee has been turbulent–one month I’m off caffeine entirely, the next I only use it medicinally, but this is the first time I’m trying actually drinking it every day (deliberately getting myself hooked!), so we’ll see if it does anything amazing. . . but in the meantime, I’m certainly enjoying it! And yoga. Lovely yoga. It helps everything. Another post about that coming soon, but for now I’ll leave it with this. . . if you have trouble sleeping, try doing this yoga routine before bed at night.





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