A Last Minute Christmas

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Just so y’all know, there are these things called ‘affiliate links’ in this post-and a lot of my posts-that if you click on the link (pictures and green words) and buy the product, since I am an affiliate with Amazon, I will get a penny or two which will aid me in my blogging and Christmas-present-buying adventures!

Lists to consider, other people buying presents from the same list. . . sigh. Buying presents is still pretty fun though, isn’t it? Just a little bit, maybe? I know; we’re all pretty burnt out by now.

And yet, there are still those times we realise we need one more present. . . or twenty.

We’re doing something different in my family this year. We picked names. Our family is  growing so much, that we decided it’s a tad too much to have everyone buying presents for everyone. We’re still all getting presents for the little kids, but the older kids picked names out of a hat. We each have two names. . .and it’s pretty fun.

But then you realise that you just need one more gift. . . the shop runs out of that new toy or book or game you were going to get. . . so here’s a list for when you just need that one last perfect thing.

Books. No good Christmas list is without them.

The Princess Bride, by William Goldman.  I love this book. In fact, this is the edition-owned by my brother Timothy-that I read when I first picked up this book. If you do read this-and you should!-do not skip the intro. Trust me.

 The first and second book in the series, All Creatures Great and Small and All Things Bright and Beautiful are together in this sweet introduction to James Herriot’s books. I’ll tell you a secret: I’m reading these books right now, for the first time! My family laughs over them and talks about them a lot, but I had never read them. Until now!

This is one of the most wonderful books. I love all of Jane Austen’s books, but Emma keeps you laughing, even more than the others. This is in fact, the edition that I own; my Mom gave it to me for Christmas last year.  Sense and Sensibility is on my list this year; it’s another that makes you laugh very much, and it’s lovely, as all of her stories are.

 Another book I’ve been wanting, Homemade Decadence by Joy The Baker looks simply delicious.

For photography lovers! (Or camera geeks, as you prefer.)

I’ve been looking at camera bags, and these two crossed my path. . .. . .and I am smitten with them. They’re not the cute camera bags you would expect or anything, but they’re canvas, and I just like the look of them. Especially the backpack, though at first I wasn’t sure about a backpack for a camera case, I think it’s won me over.

A camera strap cover. CameraStrap1Mum and I get our camera mixed up all the time, especially since we have the same model of camera. Even though she has a Nikon strap and I have a Canon strap we often have to go find the other person’s camera to get our pictures! CameraStrap2 Plus, you have a place to put your lens cap. Joy abounding! Rapture unabashed! (I’ve lost my lens cap. I’m still looking for it. And yes we just started melodrama again. . . why do you ask?) CameraStrap3 From Etsy: This shop, and this shop!


I don’t know about your family, but in mine, we tend to play a lot of games when we’re all together. It’s a good time to eat up the Christmas goodies, and have fun with fam! So here are a few of our favorites, and a couple I think might need to be under the tree on December 25th.

Apples to Apples This one has been a favorite lately. We played it a lot at Thanksgiving, and younger kids-like Macky-have a lot of fun too. There are a bunch of variations to this game. . .. . .that look interesting too!

Catan! This one’s my favorite. We first played The Settlers of Catan with our hosts in New Zealand, and then bought it when we got back home. Although with all of us, I do believe we need the 5-6 player expansion. 

 Carcassonne is a lot of fun too! (Another favorite.) Especially at night with siblings while listening to Singin’ In The Rain music. . . Or, you know, maybe during the day eating hot cookies and listening to Christmas music. Speaking of music!


Another thing we do on Christmas is unwrap and listen to our Cds. All day. While playing new games and eating candy and pomegranates. So here is some good music for you!

To start us off with something Christmas-y. . .  Your Cd is one of my ‘Holiday Wishes‘, Ms. Menzel.

Have you heard of Chris Thile? (please say yes!) How about Yo-yo Ma? (just say yes.) If you have, or even more if you haven’t, you need this Cd.  Because it. Is. Amazing. Speaking of Chris Thile (who is, as I am sure you know, the best mandolin player in the world) and amazing Cds. . .  Punch Brothers. My brother Timothy introduced me to the Punch Brothers. And Chris Thile. They are amazing. You need to check them out. Yes. Need.


I’ll wait.

Ready? You bought all of their albums? Perfect!

Moving on.    Awesome Mix Vol. 1. The name just says it all, doesn’t it?

And the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack.  Love the book, the movie. . . and the music!

Just one more, though I could go on and on. . . Wonders by The Piano Guys. I own all of their albums except this one.   Yet.

 And just a few more things. . . because no Christmas is complete without chocolate.

 And you can ‘subscribe and save’. Subscribing to chocolate. Just let that sink in for a minute.  Subscribing to chocolate. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans. Yes.

And if you want another sweet thing,how about Pushing Daisies? This is the show I always want to watch when I’m sick, because it makes me laugh so much, and it’s the sweetest, quirkiest show. And another thing. Hayao Miyazaki’s movies.  Spirited Away Howl’s Moving Castle, and Castle in The Sky are our favorites.

I suppose I shall leave you now, with one last thought. . .


Kittens.  To brighten your day.


My own dear Lolo.


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