A Middle Earth Signpost Giveaway! {Closed}

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This past half a year I’ve been in the process of moving down into my brother’s old room. Painting, sanding, and then the actual moving. . . And in the process, I added some fun touches. Like a hole.


And a closet.


And twinkle lights, and a ceiling!


And of course, when I moved in I brought my lovely large desk, and my big bookshelves (I still don’t have enough room for all my books!) and my massive cork board full of photos, and my walls were nicely full.

Confession. This was supposed to be a review. It was going to be a review. Then I got my wall decal. And I realised that between all of my wall paraphernalia and two of my walls which could not have a decal-my brick wall on one side of the room, and chalkboard on the other, the walls were full up, and to add anything else would make it look. . . crowded.

I hadn’t planned for that.

I told Mom about my conundrum, and she told me I should save my decal, since I had no room-there wasn’t anywhere to put it right now, and she said I could just save it and put it up more permanently later, and write a post about it then.

Sounds pretty smart, doesn’t it? So that’s what I’m doing. But! You could get your very own signpost decal, and put it up in your room, and tell me how you like it!


Enter the giveaway right here, for your own!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway ends in May 17th, but  Jobst & Co. is giving you the opportunity to pick out your very own wall decal, for 15% off! Just use the code SECONDBREAKFASTFAN at checkout! This code will last through May. Want to see some of my favourites?


Oh, the Tolkien decals! From top left, clockwise: Tolkien quote, Laptop signpost decal, 7 meals of the day, ‘nother Tolkien quote, beware Smaug, just married.

And, the others! World map decal, sharks in the bathtub, clouds and bacon.


Which is your favorite?


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