A Seventeenth, A First, And A Giveaway! {Closed}

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Today is my birthday, and I’m celebrating by traveling. I always seem to be either sick or traveling on my birthday–last year excepting. Five years ago on my birthday, I was traveling–I was in New Zealand. This year, I haven’t quite made it that far–I’m with family in Ohio, instead, and will be flying off to New Zealand in a couple of weeks!


And as I’m with fam, today’s post will be short and sweet, because as much as I love you, my friends, I want to leave you for the day and go play with my sweet niecie upstairs.

But before I do go, I wanted to tell you about another ‘couple a things: Firstly! Today is also the anniversary of Recipes from a Halfling’s Pantry being released! If you remember, Mum and I scrambled to release it last year on my sixteenth birthday morn., and to celebrate the first year, we decided to change our Tolkien-inspired e-cookbook to Pay-What-You-Want for the next two weeks. If you haven’t gotten your own copy yet, or if you know someone who would like it, please share it; this won’t last long!


And as my birthday gift to you (DATHD: Do As The Hobbits Do), I’m also doing a giveaway! I teamed up with The Vinyl Solution a few months ago to review and do a laptop decal giveaway. And as I don’t have much to say, either clever or witty, I’ll just tell you this: I love my decal immensely, and have no end of good things to say about it. And, here’s the cherry on top: If you win, you get to choose your own laptop decal!

Let me show you mine real quick. . . It’s from a Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away.


You can see the others in their shop, before you enter the giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now I’m sure you’ll excuse me as I go play with my niece. . .



2 comments on “A Seventeenth, A First, And A Giveaway! {Closed}

  1. duh, you did say it was an e-book and here I was trying to get it ordered in time for it get here on time for my hub’s birthday – oh, well, guess I have time to try to get it printed out and packaged for him, right? and actually guess thanks for still doing this because I think technically I missed the deadline of yesterday, didn’t I? so, btw, Happy Birthday to you too! (hubs a big Tolkien fan too)

  2. Amalia, me again – I know I see cookbooks as e-books all the time but after ordering yours with all these pretty pix and especially wanting to give it to hub as an actual book but quickly used up all my ink (not sure how much I had) starting to print it then trotting down to the local big box store – forgetting how much those pretty color pages are to print – much as I loved it, whoa! wasn’t quite prepared to pay – at least not all at one time – what it was going to cost to have it printed – this year’s bd present may have to be on the installment plan as well – got the first and the last done – middle should follow – but just wondered if you’d considered running it, say, through CreateSpace, though not sure what kind of pricing it would end up having there but just thinking surely could be done for cheaper than having it done yourself individually locally – but maybe not as POD? but just wondered if might want to check
    btw, he was thrilled with what he got and he doesn’t really realize he doesn’t have it all – he’s a Tolkien fan from way back – loved reading your mom’s story about how she got started – have a trash story like that myself so understand

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