Absentee & What’s Been Happening

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Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been gone for a very long while, and have gotten a couple concerned emails, but I’m back now, and with an explanation (yay!).

We’ve been busy over the last few months with many things (trips, Christmas, the usual), but the main reasons that I haven’t been writing as much are: 1. Health 2. Melodrama and 3. Knitting. I’ve been working so hard on my new shop, that I neglected my little blog! But I’ve been missing it, and you, so I’ve been writing posts as well as knitting hats, taking pictures and preparing to do a sort of re-launch with Second Breakfast this month, starting with a recap of what’s been happening while I’ve been away. So, let’s dive right in!

Health: I haven’t been keeping you up-to-date with my headache saga, so just a short note about it now, and I’ll do a full update later. But, as it stands now: The headaches are still there, they haven’t gotten better, and we’re still trying to get rid of them.

Melodrama: It’s my senior year, and it has been crazy. We just finished, and I’ll be writing about this year’s performance soon, but right now we’re just trying to recover. . . *whew!*

The cast and directors!

Knitting: I’ve opened an Etsy shop. If you follow Second Breakfast on Facebook you may have seen it when it first opened. . . although I’ve been absent there, too. *gulp* With my headaches I’ve been knitting more, and more, and more, and I decided to start a shop, and see how it goes. I’ve also been writing patterns, I just listed notion bags (every knitter needs a notion bag!), and I have some exciting new stuff coming up soon!

So what to expect coming up?

  • More about knitting!
    Because that’s what I do now. 😉
  • Some fun Q&As
  • Lists. . . lots of lists
    Any particular kind? Well. All about chronic illness, books, knitting, senior year, college. . . there are so many thing to write about, what do you want to read more about?
  • More about books
    of course!
  • Knitting pattern releases!
  • A giveaway or two. . .
  • Bullet journalling
    How to start, why I started, how it helps with chronic illness, and more.

But the most important thing: As I’m doing a semi re-launch after the last few months of absence, I want to know. . .

What do YOU want to hear more about?

Setting up my bullet journal! 🙌

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