Back To Reality: Goals For The Week.

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Well, I suppose it’s time to get back to reality, isn’t it? We’re back in Kansas, Toto. Nebraska, that is.

Whilst I was cavorting around New Zealand, It didn’t really feel like reality. It feels like a dream, even now. Eating ice cream and walking on the beach nearly every day. . . I was definitely not in my Midwest home! But now I’m back. Back to being mature with plans and goals and things to think of and freak out about.

I’ve been inspired by Kelli’s weekly goals (and grading), and now that I’m back, I’m going to start posting my own goals for the week on Mondays, to help keep me on track.


1. Go back on AIP 100%.
So, I’ve been through several diets since we started trying to figure out my headaches, the changes upping the restrictiveness of the current diet. I was on AIP before as well, but not 100%. When Christmas came, it was Cheat Week. When Show Week came, it was Cheat Week, or risk starvation. And, starting today, I’m back on it.

2. Exercise 4 times & Tai Chi 3.
I used to do both every day, but as that took upwards of an hour and a half, I stopped–and lagged, until I just wasn’t doing either anymore. I need to do both again, but not both every day. Weights or biking or exercising somehow four days and Tai Chi the other three seems like a good balance for now.

3. Make a meal plan!
I need to figure out a plan for meals and what I can and cannot eat, so I don’t skip meals like last time. *gulp* I already have plans, just not a plan.

4. Practice cello 4 times.
Once again, I’ve fallen behind in practicing cello. I need to get back into it this week, along with. . .

5. Do 10 math lessons.
I’m horribly behind in my math, thanks to my being, well, horrible at math, and loathing it and all that. And because I didn’t do math whilst in Ohio and New Zealand, I decided to go back a couple of chapters and start at a point I can actually understand, working my way up to the part that makes me cry. Thus, 10 math lessons. This week. Whew. I’ve got my work cut out for me. And I’m not even over jet-lag yet. Let’s see how this goes–

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