Busy Weeks

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It’s been a tough week, but now the week has ended, and I’ve got some exciting things coming up (including meeting my new niece!), so I’m looking forward to another busy couple of weeks. How was your week?

Last week’s Goals:

  1. Stay on AIP/Prep meals: A+
    I’m really proud of myself this week. It was actually a pretty lousy week, headache-wise, but I got through, and I got through without cheating on AIP at all. I didn’t prep meals much, but I did do some–even making faux ‘pizza’ when I was feeling better this weekend and wanting pizza. I’ve been learning things about AIP and myself this week, too–like that if I do skip breakfast (accidentally), I will have a breakdown before (late) lunch and start crying. Not pretty. Protein in the morning is a must. And snacks are a must too. Mmm!
  2. Exercise 3 times, Tai Chi 3: A+
    Again, very happy! I actually did more than my goals–every day I was feeling bad, all I wanted to do was Tai Chi and go back to back to bed. So, that’s what I did. I did Tai Chi 6 days and a  workout 3.
  3. Do math & cello every school day: B-
    I did math every day. I started out well, and did cello the first day. . . that’s all I can say for myself.
  4. Start writing at least an hour a day: B+
    I did, at first, and when life caught up with me and I didn’t have as much time in the afternoon I still wrote every day, just not nearly as much. I still consider it a small triumph, however.
  5. Start melodrama practice and read the script: A
    Yep, and yep!


This week’s Goals:

1. Stay on AIP 100%.
I have a dance, a formal, and a trip to see my family coming up this week. I have to stay on AIP 100%. Which means lots of emergency snackage stuck in my purse.

2. Exercise 3 times, Tai Chi 3.
Because I need to keep up with it! Especially since I’ll be spending thirty+ hours in the car next week. Oof.

3. Do math and cello.
I’m not going to add numbers to this one this week, because I know from how the way I’m feeling today, I won’t get it done every day. I’ll do them as much as possible, but. . . it’s going to be a full week.

4. Write every day!
Again, I need to start writing more. I love writing, but don’t always make it a priority–which isn’t good–and I need to make sure to take time to write every day.

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2 comments on “Busy Weeks

  1. I have been very impressed by all of these fabulous goals Amalia; it’s difficult to set high standards for one’s self. What beautiful sharpie drawings! All those brilliant colors make me want to do something with an excessive amount of ink. Love you.
    Sarah recently posted…Photography Challenge: Week 35My Profile

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