College Visits and Writing More

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Here we go again! I realized during my college visit that, while I’ve been writing on my blog more lately, I haven’t been doing my ‘real writing’ nearly enough. You see, if and when I go to college I’m going to be an English major. You’re probably noticed that I like to write–but blogging is a hobby, and I need to get back to my real work–writing stories, books, nonsensical rhymes, and all that. So! One of my goals for this week is to get back to it. But first, the goals for last week:

  1. Stay on AIP 100%: A-
    Mostly. I did cheat a little the first day (it’s hard having Easter candy sitting everywhere), but after the Easter candy was removed and
    hidden from my immediate vicinity, the rest of the week was golden.
  2. Exercise 3 times, Tai Chi 3: A+
  3. Practice cello 4 times: Fail.
    Ugh. After doing math during the week, I just blew off school (and cello) and slept. It’s not fun being sick–and now my cello is sitting a few feet away from me wondering why it has such a negligent owner.
  4. Do 7 math lessons: B-/C+?
    I don’t even know how to grade myself on this one. I did 4 lessons. Which is the number of school days we have. And because of the college visit, I didn’t do any math this weekend. . . but still. No excuse.
  5. Go visit a college: A+
    I think I did pretty well visiting college. And it was fun, at that. I got to talk to the teachers for a long time, go to theatre and choir and all, and even made myself stay out late at the block party with my friends–rather than curling up in bed with my journal, I spent time with some of my best friends and lots of people I don’t know dancing and standing by fires to get warm. It was good, and I’m still tired.


This week’s goals:

1. Stay on AIP/prep meals.
Today it’s been two weeks since I went back on AIP–I’ve been doing pretty well, not skipping meals much or anything like that I was apt to do before, and I have hope I can make it through the next eight weeks!

2. Exercise 3 times, Tai Chi 3.

3. Do math & cello every school day.
This week I won’t be crashing after Math every day. I’m feeling better, and I can do this thing.

4. Start writing at least an hour a day!
I need to start writing more–and I don’t mean blogging. . . I haven’t been since before we went to New Zealand.

5. Start melodrama practice and read the script!

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