Currently. . . (#1)

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Is it really April already?! I feel like I say this every month, but March went so fast! As I get back into blogging again, I’ve been working on quite a few new posts, but they’re all taking too long, so I decided to take a break and do something fun! So I bring you. . . my crazy life, currently.

Reading. . . David Copperfield! I love Dickens. I must have listened to Oliver Twist four or five times one summer. I still think about it when I pitch wood in the shed! And I think of Pride Prejudice when I’m in the tree house. And Little Women while picking cherries. It’s funny the things we associate, isn’t it? Anyway, I love Dickens, but I’m not very far into David Copperfield yet, so I’m excited to see why Mum loves it so much!

Listening to. . . Villette, by Charlotte Bronte, my new favorite music, Songs for a New World, and Cabin Pressure, a wonderful BBC radio show, over and over again.

Watching. . . New shows to me, actually: Foyle’s War with the fam, and Doctor Who.

Wearing. . . LOTS of flannel, boyfriend jeans (also, why in the world do they call them boyfriend jeans?), and some Tom’s sandals I found (in my size, incredibly!) at a thrift store. And I can see why everyone loves Tom’s now. Because of Nebraska springs though, one day I’m wearing thick wool socks and my winter coat, and the next day sandals and no coat at all. Yay for unpredictability!

Basically all I wear any more. Oh! And that necklace? It has a surprise inside, and you can find it here! (You can also find ‘boyfriend jeans’ here, flannel shirts here and Tom’s slip-on sandals here. )

Eating. . . AIP again! Thanks to Mum’s hoop house we have lots of lettuces, and I’ve started making hot salads again. Hot salads, how I’ve missed you. AIP. . . eh. Not so much. But it’s still early days–after a week or two I’ll be used to it again. For now, keep bread and sugar out of sight!

Feeling. . . Stressed. Yay senior year! Trying to finish up my transcript this week is very daunting, especially realizing how little school I’ve done this year thanks to my lovely migraines. And trying to think and plan for next year. . . Yeesh. Let’s not think about next year.

Hoping for. . . Better health over the summer, being able to work more and forage lots (so much fun), and finish up High School properly. Also, the time to dye some fibre/yarn. 😊 (I haven’t been able to get to it yet, but I have lots of ideas!)

Looking forward to. . . The upcoming melodrama that I am apart of! The rehearsals start in a week, and then it’ll be a whirlwind with rehearsals four nights a week until the 12 shows! This is the third melodrama I’ve done with this group, and I’m excited to cap off my career with one more melodrama before college.

Planning. . . Another college visit! I’ve actually only been on 3, and all to the same college. Luckily, I’ve always known where I was going, so I didn’t have to go on lots of college visits. (Yay!)

What does your ‘currently’ look like?




4 comments on “Currently. . . (#1)

    1. Thank you Felicity! Oooh, that’s a hard question. My favorite so far (and I haven’t read them all yet) would have to be either Oliver Twist or A Tale of Two Cities. What is your favorite?

  1. What?! You found a pair of Tom’s that were your size at a thrift store? You lucky duck you! I love our local Goodwill store, and find lots of great clothes, but I’ve never found good shoes. Sigh. I saw someone post that they’d found a pair of NEW birkenstock’s at a thrift store. I have serious shoe envy now. Ha ha!
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