Currently. . . (#2)

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This month is going to be full of changes and craziness. (Read to the bottom of the post to find out more! 🙂 ) This is the most ‘normal’ (for me) ‘currently’ post that I will probably write in the next 6+ months. Phew! So, yay? Here’s to the crazy changes that are coming, and the normality right now!

Reading. . . I’m on the launch team for Modern Mrs. Darcy’s new book, Reading People by Anne Bogel, and I am so excited to read it! I have started reading the ebook version a bit, but I can’t wait to get the physical version and read it properly! I decided two days ago to read through as many of the C.S. Lewis books I haven’t read–The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce,The Problem of Pain, etc.–as I could before college (I don’t think I’ll be able to get through all of them, but hey! You never know. . .), and started with Mere Christianity. (Side note: I’ve read half the book in 2 days! I think I’ll get through several of these books. Let’s see how many, shall we? Comment below with your guess how many I can get through before August 19th!)

Listening to. . . Our new favorite record–best thrift store find this summer!–by Jack Jones, a song I’m learning with my cousin, ‘I Know Him So Well(over and over again), and of course the audiobooks I’m listening to (thank you long drives and MP3 players for lots of time to finish audiobooks!), The Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club by Dorothy L. Sayers (finally continuing the Lord Peter Wimsey series!) and, this one is new but oh, so fun: Talking as Fast as I Can by Lauren Graham.

Writing down quotes from another book with Pippin’s help!

Watching. . . Forever one of my favorites, The Carol Burnett Show–even just the clips I find on YouTube (this is one of the best!), but especially the full episodes I can find on DVD–and Studio C, a clean sketch comedy show my friends told me about and I now love. It reminds me of Carol Burnett a bit, with the different character and sketches, and makes me wish I could do that, and be apart of a comedy group.

Eating. . . Anything! After trying so many different diets, it’s nice to be back to normal. Eating lots of good veg from the garden, lots of greek yogurt, and drinking far too much coffee.

Feeling. . . A little stressed, but excited nonetheless! I have less than 2 weeks left until I move into the dorms, and I’m trying to finish getting all packed up this week. I started packing up little by little last week, actually, but I want to finish up and be ready to pack the car and leave before my little niece-or-nephew is born next week (next week!!), so I can devote my attention to him/her and his/her sweet mama, rather than panicking about moving, forgetting everything important, and just stuffing random things in boxes. (Seems like something I would do.) Ha!

Hoping for. . . An easier transition into college than I’m expecting, finding a yoga class once I’m living in town, reading as many books as I can before college!

Looking forward to. . . The baby coming, being in the same town as my sister and her growing family, starting classes, rooming with my cousin, performing in college plays, spending time with family before I move out, and taking a trip with my cousins this weekend!

Planning. . . To start college!





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