December Fourth

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“I don’t know what’s happening today.

But something’s happening.”

That’s how I started this post. A week before December Fourth. (And yes, the title is supposed to be December, not January fourth.) And then, something happened. I got sick. Sick enough to do nothing. To lay on the couch and not care about email, or Facebook, or blogs, or anything really.

And that’s exactly what I did.

Cheering start to a blog post, now isn’t it? You see, what I was going to write was this:

“My brother Timothy has something planned for today, and it’s a secret. He’s been telling me for over a month now, ‘Don’t plan anything on December fourth!’ and I know Mom and Dad know-everyone seems to-and he’s been teasing me about it.

“But it’s tonight! And I shall tell you what this mysterious ‘December fourth’ is all about, once I, at last, find out!”

And so, though it is now January fourth, I’m still going to post this.

Because I did, in fact, finally find out.


I was still sick when I woke up on December fourth. But! I wasn’t as sick as I had been. In fact, I was much better than I had been! What worried me though was my cough. Unceasing- I had it for long afterwards in fact, this cough sounds more like I’m sneezing just because of how loud it is. I knew that a cough wouldn’t be good, no matter what ‘December fourth’ was. But still. I was much better then I had been, and that I clung on to.

All day-all week!-I was praying. I knew that this was special, and I wanted to be able to go, but I knew that it was very possibly I wouldn’t be able to. And on the day of, I did everything I could to be able to go. I drank Mum’s lemon-ginger tea, took a hot bath, put coconut oil on my feet, and padded around in wool socks. Mum told me that Timmy had a back-up plan if I couldn’t go that night.

But something must have worked.

Maybe it was the coconut oil and wool-stockinged feet.

The secret my brother would not tell me was that he was taking me to see Yo-yo Ma in concert.

Yo-yo Ma

Yo-yo Ma played three unaccompanied Bach suites-the first, fifth, and sixth, and played an encore, after getting a standing ovation both at intermission, and after the suites.

It was amazing. The prelude to Bach’s first suite was the first song I remember hearing that made me just love cello, many years ago. And Yo-yo Ma played it, in Master And Commander.

I went with some good, good friends of mine, after we got Ramen for supper, and it was the most wonderful experience.

Thanks so much guys, for the wonderful surprise!

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