Don’t let the Hay Minions Scare you!

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Because really, they’re quite nice. And very hospitable. We asked to take picture with them, and they were very obliging.


We were just on our way home from shopping for a special white dress for my sister, and having a nice little chat with the Hay Minions was the perfect finish to our trip.


Apparently the people who created the Hay Minions have done this before. . .

“We’re Baaaaack!”

. . . And we’re glad they did it again!


And naturally, one of the minions would be wearing Big Red overalls.


“No, don’t take my picture- I’m having a bad hair day!”

I just love the purple minion.

I love the purple minion, and how from an angle it looks at you. . . creepily.



Luckily, some more people pulled in right at the end of our visit, who took our picture all together!

I’m glad we met the Hay Minions, and found some new friends. . . (Even though the purple minion did seem a bit grumpy that day.)

TheMinionsandUs-- Hay Minions

15 comments on “Don’t let the Hay Minions Scare you!

  1. There really is nothing worse than a grumpy purple Hay Minion. I am surprised that they allowed you to take all those pictures. All the minions I have ever met have never been able to stand still long enough to take a picture. You were indeed lucky to catch them at just the right moment.
    Chef William Chaney recently posted…Mimosa’s or a Tequila SunriseMy Profile

    1. I was surprised too! The purple hay minion did seem in the most foul mood. But he probably likes all the attention. And it’s true-the smiling one couldn’t stand still! The silly thing.

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