Favorite Links– Books, Kittens, Photography, and a Musical. . .

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I told you about this reading challenge I’m participating in this year (12 books-12 categories-12monthes!), and invited you to join me in the task-if you are thinking about it, you should check out the original post here!


I want to make this blanket scarf now! I think my favorite colors are the plain black and the black and white. . . What do you think-should it come to Second Breakfast sometime? Speaking of which. . .

As soon as I get my sweet aquamarine sewing machine (how fun- say that three times fast! Aquamarine sewing machine. Aquamarine sewing machine. Aquamarine sewing machine. 🙂 Mine is much like this one, in fact!)  back from the cleaners I want to make this clutch. I usually carry a purse with lots of pockets which gets quite heavy with all of my pens, and camera, and wallet, and paper and everything-especially when I add books to the midst. But maybe a clutch with a book added. . . or rather, as the clutch. . .

Books-Charlotte's Web
I have some wonderful books, sadly falling apart, that would do nicely. . .

The Clothes Horse is one of my favorite blogs now, and this sweet recap of her outfits is perfect for someone who just found her blog, or one who *ahem* doesn’t keep up with it very well. I love her outfits, and her photography. (Plus, she’s moving to Northern Ireland, so soon there will be more sweet scenery!)

Speaking of clothes, I like this method of ‘being content’ as it were, with ones closet, and-more importantly-weeding extra clothes out over time, from A Beautiful Mess.


love this photography. If only Nebraska would get a good snowfall-and I wouldn’t be so cold all the time!-then maybe Mum and I could have a photo shoot. . . speaking of which, I also want to do a photo shoot this summer with lots and lots of balloons! This one is gorgeous, and so is this UP inspired shoot (maybe I could convince my sister and her fiancé to let me do that for them . . . ), but I was thinking more like the snow, all over the ground then you can toss them up in the air and it would be so pretty. . . lots of colors, and then in black and white too, lots of circles, and lots of fun!

Starting choir last week, I found out that we’re singing the music from one of my all-time favorite musicals! And of course the movie adaptation is in theatres now-and I recommend it. We went and saw it on Christmas day with family, and it was very, very much fun.

Just a warning: It’s a little strange. Maybe a lot strange. But it’s just so good! Maybe watch it twice. Or more. You’ll understand it more after a few times.  Oh! Speaking of movies, have you seen The Imitation Game? I haven’t, but I think I might have to…

. . . And I definitely think I need to make this tart. (Can you imagine having a citrus fruit tree in your yard? And one as big as hers? Oh, happiness!)

Another post of Joy The Baker’s, from many months ago– How To Be The Best Food Blogger of All. My favorite points: “3. Consider getting engaged, having a baby, or getting a kitten. This will do wonders for your food blog!” (love this, especially since getting Lolo!) and “9. Talk about browned butter as often as possible”. Agreed. Browned butter is the best. After almond extract, natch. Note: “This post is sponsored by: SARCASM and April Fools’ Day.”


One last thing. Happy, happy birthday to my brother Andrew today! Eat lots of delicious food and drink much espresso. In other words, I hope you have a marvellous day!

From left to right: My older brothers Timothy, Matthew and Andrew.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


8 comments on “Favorite Links– Books, Kittens, Photography, and a Musical. . .

  1. What a lovely, lovely post, darling daught, filled with all manner of goodies! I’m going to have to go back and check out some of your fun links now. Love the kitty pictures, as always! 🙂

    1. Yes, yes, yes! Let’s do it. Maybe in the spring, with flowers-instead of in the winter, with snow? Aw, thanks! I was supposed to be doing my math, but I couldn’t let that picture pass by. 😉

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