Goals Again

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I’ve been terribly unmotivated today. I did my math, and then collapsed. I’ve been working on some stuff, but nothing much useful, I’m afraid. But hey! I got this post done–and that’s something, right?

Last week’s goals:

  1. Go back on AIP 100%: A-
    Almost. I did cheat (minor cheats only) once or twice, but for the most part I stayed on it.
  2. Exercise 4 times; Tai Chi 3: A-
    I only missed one day!
  3. Make a meal plan: A
    Well, it’s not very complete, but we have a giant ‘AIP (meal plan) calendar’ now, so we should be good!
  4. Practice cello 4 times: C
    I only ended up practicing twice. *wincing*
  5. Do 10 math lessons: D
    Only three. Ugh. We were cleaning and planting all week instead of doing school (still no excuse), and I completely forgot about this one for the first half of the week. Not good.


This week’s goals:

1. Stay on AIP 100%!
No cheating on leftover Easter candy or anything.

2. Exercise 3 times, Tai Chi 3.

2. Practice cello 4 times.
I am the worst at making myself practice. But Mum just got me a new sheet music book for my birthday that I love (and can actually read the music–score!), so it shouldn’t be hard. It’s just getting myself disciplined. *sigh*

3. Do 7 math lessons.
. . .Because ten was a bad idea. But we’re starting school this week, so 7 shouldn’t be too tough, as long as a bunch of unforeseen happenings don’t come along quite like they did last week.

5. Go visit a college!
So, I sent in my first college application last week! Weird, yes? Well, even weirder is that I have a first college visit to go to this weekend!

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