Loving Lately . . .

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Just a few things I’ve been loving lately. . .

My camera. Taking photos every day has proven to be not only a challenge, but an opportunity. I’ve been learning a lot, and since I’ve had to find something to take a photo of each day, I also find I appreciate the little things a lot more.

My family. This is a ‘well, duh’ moment, but seriously. I have the best family ever. I got to talk to my brother Timothy the other day for about an hour. Made. My. Day. And I get to see family I don’t normally get to see much this weekend for our annual Ponca trip! That means I get to have a whole weekend with some of the best friends I’ve ever had, eating, playing games, taking hikes, telling stories, and making more memories.

Our breakfast: A delicious and beautiful charcuterie board!

My friends. I’ve gotten to see my friends quite a bit lately, in between going to the movies, seeing them at church, or Bible study, or Supper Club, and I really appreciate the fact that I have the best friends there are. They’re my family too, and I couldn’t imagine having a better group, nor would I ever want a different one. Most of my friends I’ve known my entire life, and I’m so glad they continue to put up with my craziness, day after day.

Photo credit: Hannah Rohda. (Thanks Hannah!)
Not even just my craziness-but my family’s craziness too!

The Cloud Dungeon. Another exciting piece of news–another of my brothers, Andrew, launched his game on Kickstarter at the beginning of this month, and it’s almost 300% funded! That means that his game will be published, and that the fun part–his sweet stretch goals–are slowly being scratched of the list. Already there are some awesome things being included in the book that weren’t there when we played it this summer, and there’s still the rest of the month! Check it out here, and if you help fund or share it, you can also get some pretty awesome rewards.


Reading. I haven’t had a whole lot of time to read lately (sadness!), but I read every night before bed. I’ve been reading a book of mysteries (I know, bad idea at ten or eleven before going to bed), and have been finding some stories and authors I’ve never even heard of–did you know Jack London wrote a mystery? I didn’t, and after reading it, its my favorite of any of his stories I’ve ever read. It’s called ‘The Leopard Man’s Story‘.

This is from my 365 challenge–one of my ‘little things’.

Tea. I thought just maybe I might not catch the cold Mack had. No such luck. But better now than during Ponca. And when I’m not sleeping, the tea helps. Especially when Mack makes it. The kid knows how to make a good cup of tea. Mmm. . . mint.

My new journal. I just finished my journal, and perfect timing too! That means I get to start a new journal, and I have the perfect one. Starting a new journal is one of the small pleasures in life. Especially when your friends know you so well, and you have several to choose from. The journal I just finished? A birthday gift from one of my best friends. The one before? A Christmas present from another of my best friends. And I still have three or four lined up for when I finish the one I just started!

Looking back. . . at the melodramas I’ve already been in, while I look forward to find a new script, and help plan another year.

I just found this photo -- so much fun.
I just found this photo from a few years ago — so much fun. Even if it’s not very good quality.




p.s. That photo waaay up there? I still love that scar. snif. I want it back!


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