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This post is all about my little brother, Mack-a-whack-attack-a-snack.

Mack is 8.

He has blonde hair, and green eyes.

He’s a grey belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Tae Kwon Do class as a green belt!

He loves our big black lab, Oliver.

While I was writing the ‘About me’ post, he came in here and said “Are you writing about me?” So yes. I am. Now.

He is my most devoted reader.

(Reading that, he says “I haven’t read anything”. Exactly. I haven’t posted anything yet, kiddo.)

Malachi. The kid who got my well-deserved freckles. He has freckles. He has freckles right across his nose. I don’t have freckles. None! Nada! Zip! He has my freckles! Has he read Anne Of Green Gables? No. He has not. Does he adore freckles? No. He does not.

Here are The Kid’s freckles. Photo credits: Amy Miller from

He likes growing his hair out, but it’s short right now because, let’s face it, buzzing a boy’s head–a little boy who wants to be anywhere, doing anything except for being here, having his hair cut–is a lot easier than cutting his hair, and trimming his bangs.

Malachi. The kid who has grown up on the big stage, just like me, and who is now an incurable ham. He comes by it honestly, though. Everyone in our family seems to be a ham, at one time or another.

Another thing. He likes to eat. A lot. All my boys (my brothers, and my cousins) do. Our family gatherings are ridiculous. So. Much. Food. Such good food, too. I love it.

He has me in a ‘death lock’. I think it’s time for supper.

One comment on “MALACHI

  1. It seems to me that I have been reading about this young man for a few years and nobody told us he had freckles. I think that was a secret. Not anymore. Big sisters have a hard time keeping secrets. Just remember, before long he will have his own blog and then he will be telling secrets. I agree with the ham part as it is easy to see that most of your family has been sprinkled with star dust. This is the first time I have seen him called anything except “Little Mack”. He sounds more like the Tom Sawyer of Nebraska. Maybe this article is the first chapter of a best selling book.”The adventures of Malachi, the boy that stole my freckles” We will look forward to more secrets in future blog posts.

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