The Marblehead Lighthouse

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It’s really been awhile since I wrote an outfit post, hasn’t it?

On our way to The Island, after leaving Andrew and Sonia’s, we stopped at a lighthouse in Ohio and took some pictures. It was a gorgeous day, and I had lots of fun playing with my camera. Though I’ve had it since July-goodness! I’ve had my nice camera for 5 months now? Can it be?

Well, though I have had it that long (I still can’t believe it) it still seems like a new and fun expensive toy. And I keep thinking of things I want to do with it-I want to learn how to take videos (better, at least), and how to take black and white photos with the camera-not changing them once I get them on the computer. I want to get a tripod and remote, and learn how to use them. There are just so many things to learn, and to try! That’s one reason Mum, Bethie and I started our photography challenge. That way, when we have our challenge each month, we can try out things that intrigue us-and you!


Like this lighthouse. What is more romantic than a lighthouse? They always make me think of Anne of Green Gables. Although, really, more of Anne’s House of Dreams, and Captain Jim. . .

“Why don’t you folks tell me to take in the slack of my jaw and go home?” — Captain Jim, Anne’s House of Dreams, by L. M. Montgomery.

Captain Jim is the crusty old seaman who is the lighthouse keeper in Anne’s House of Dreams; and also a fast friend of Anne’s once she moves into her sweet little house by the shore.

‘Captain Jim thought women were delightful creatures, who ought to have the vote and everything else they wanted, bless their hearts; but but he did not believe they could write.’ — Anne’s House of Dreams

“A writing woman never knows when to stop; that’s the trouble. The p’int of good writing is to know when to stop.” — Captain Jim


It’s a gorgeous lighthouse, isn’t it? There was a museum-made out of the light keeper’s house, from way back when-but sadly, it wasn’t open, since we were there ‘out of season’. But it was still a lovely day, and we decided to have a picnic on the rocks before doing the photo shoot, and heading on down to our hotel, and the next day, The Island.

I love this scarf! It’s SO BIG!




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What is your favorite thing about lighthouses?


10 comments on “The Marblehead Lighthouse

  1. Beautiful pics, Amalia! That one picture with Malachi off to the side of the lighthouse doing some sort of acrobatics made me really laugh. Ha! Loved this post, so beautiful!

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