Ninety Minutes in Brainard

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Brainard, Nebraska. The thriving metropolis where you never see a chicken, nor a bike. Just cars, more cars, and buildings.

Yeah. . . not so much.

Brainard is where Mum and I go every year to take our old chickens to the butcher. The time came to take our yearly trip a couple weeks ago.

Last year when we went to BrainardΒ Mum and I dropped the chickies off at the butcher, then we went to a Cafe, and she got coffee, and I got pancakes. We were excited to go back to the cafe again this year, while we were waiting for our chickens. But when we found it again, it was closed!

We walked around the little business block of Brainard, looking for a Cafe, coffee shop, or even a grocery store. But there was nothing. We laughed about going to the bar while we were waiting, and talked about running over to another Β town if there was one close, but it didn’t take long to establish that we, being visitors with no knowledge of the area, had no clue where to go.

We went back to the car and grabbed our cameras (hereafter known as the Rebels), and walked over to the Post Office to see if we could get help of finding a cup of coffee.

Inside of the post office we met a friend of yesteryear. The waitress from the Cafe was now the Post-mistress. She told us that the place to get coffee, now, was the bar.

So after our reunion, we went to the bar.

I’ve never had that much fun in a bar before.

After getting up before 6 AM to catch old chickens, coffee is The Best.

I’m sure it helps that I’ve never been in a bar before, and that I had caffeine. . . oh well.


Mirrors just call for pictures, don’t they? We thought so.



Finding that it had been about an hour, we left to pick up our chickies. But walking back to the car we got distracted. . .




How can you not be distracted? A shop full of colors and colors of different bikes?


After picking up the chickens we drove back home. . . and naturally had an adventure. But that’s another story.

One which I will tell you. Soon. And here’s a preview for you, loves.

Thanks for letting me share my adventures with you!

Ninety Minutes in Brainard

16 comments on “Ninety Minutes in Brainard

  1. My grandparents lived in Brainard till this year when they died. We grew up having family reunions/holiday parties at that green hall behind you in the 6th picture you have. The older cousins would always walk across the street to the bar and play pool together!!! Great memories came flooding back! That bar makes great burgers so next time go for lunch. ;). Before grandpa died he had his meals on wheels come from that bar every day. Thanks for the pictures and trip down memory lane!

    1. I didn’t think anyone would have a clue where Brainard was, and here you know it better than I do! It sounds like you had great times there! I’ll have to remember the burgers next year. πŸ™‚ Thank you for telling me about your adventures there!

  2. What fun! Every little turn becomes an adventure! Who would have thought that the bar doubles as the coffee shop! LOL!

    I love how your take ‘ordinary’ pictures and make them special. Most people do not do that – Well done!

  3. So your mother took you to a bar for coffee, hummm. I tried telling my wife that I only went to the bar for a cup of coffee. I only tried that once. She had me turn the den into a bar, including dark lighting, honky tonk music and all the other trimming plus an automatic coffee maker. She then informed me that if I wanted to drink coffee in a bar all I had to do was walk across the hall.
    Great pictures and a nice story, thanks for sharing

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