Ready-Set-Snapshot Saturday #5!

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This week has been busy. Between cleaning, company, and collapsing, there was much food eaten and many cough drops sucked on.

I’ve been sick the last few days-just a cold, but I’ve still been refusing to believe it’s true. Oh well. I still got most of my pictures in this week . . . plus, since it’s Thanksgiving week, I decided to add another picture, of someone I’m grateful for, each day.

Day One:


I’ve been painting!


This boy makes me laugh, so much. . .

Day Two:


I liked all the different patterns in my outfit-my coat and socks have stripes going one way, tights and scarf the other way, and skirt completely different. . .


Say hi girls! These are my lovely friends Olivia and Hannah. Love you two!

Day Three:


My ‘oh no! I forgot to take a picture today!’ picture. Green eyes and blonde hair. . .


My wonderful Mummy and Sis. (Collaborators with Ready-Set-Snap as well!)

Day Four:


Mirror, mirror, on the wall. . .


This is my brother Timothy. A sweet, smart man, who enjoys keeping secrets from me. . .

Day Five:


Making an Oreo pie crust for Thanksgiving. . . and eating an Oreo.


This is my cousin/twin Adam, who I grew up with, and still put up with. Drinking espresso Timmy made for us.

Day Six — Thanksgiving!


Okay, I didn’t take this picture (my cousin Luke did), but I forgot to take a picture on Thanksgiving. (Don’t tell!) I believe this was when I was pondering Apples to Applesย and cough drops.


Sarah! This dear girl just started her own blog-you should check it out! Here she’s holding Lolo, my sweet kitty.

Day Seven:


Today we had our annual day-after-Thanksgiving-pedicure-and-shopping-in-our-little-town-with-Aunties. These are Mum’s, Bethie’s, and my colors and designs.


Last but certainly not least, Hannah (Sarah’s sister). I also grew up with these girls, and I can’t imagine why the still put up with me.

I didn’t have time to take pictures of everyone I’m thankful for, nor, I imagine, would I ever, for I would just keep thinking of more, and more. . . so thank you all, for always being there for me.

Monday is the first day of December! For December’s challenge, we’ve decided to completely change the aim of Ready Set Snap. . . once a week, we are going to take a portrait-or a mini-photo-shoot of someone, and a short interview. (Much like Humans Of New York‘s photos.) This is a great way to honour someone, or to just get a few photos of them. ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ll continue the link-up on Saturday– please, come join us!


One more thing.ย The giveaway ends very soon! Share with your friends, and enter now!

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12 comments on “Ready-Set-Snapshot Saturday #5!

  1. Nice pictures, I feel like I recognize a lot of these people… ๐Ÿ™‚ I`m always so excited when I see that you`ve written a new post! Thanks for sharing your talent.
    Now about this putting up with you. It very tough. (ahem) I guess I`ll just have to see you more often so we can….. learn how to put up with each other……
    Love you bunches!

    1. Thank you Sarah! Yeah, it’s funny how that happens, isn’t it. . . ๐Ÿ˜‰ Aww, you’re very sweet. Thank you. I know it’s tough to put up with me. *sigh* But I’m glad you do. And I agree, we really should learn to put up with each other more often. . .
      Love you!

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