Round-up: Back to School!

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Well, tomorrow is my first official day of college. Sure, I’ve been living here for a full 3 days now–I’m practically a pro at it already 😉 –but the classes start tomorrow. Yay! I’ll have a full day, meeting professors, figuring things out, going to my first college classes. . . phew! I decided that in the spirit of it all, I ought to do a back to school round-up. I’ve seen lots of fun things about going back to school recently (it’s that time of year!), so here are just a few of my favorites:

  • I’ve been inspired to make my own 8 things before 8 am list now! Perfect timing too, as I just moved into the dorms at college, and I’m (slowly) trying to implement new routines! I have early morning classes every day, so 8 things before 8 am is a perfect idea for me right now.
  • . . .Plus, 7 simple steps to make your morning better! I needed help getting my mornings back on track before college, and found several good posts like this! (here’s a secret: hot coffee or tea makes everything better.)
  • I’m right on the line between introvert and extrovert, but in the end, I’m an introvert. And I knew it would be hard adjusting from home school, where I mostly worked on my own, to college, and living in the dorms and in town, as opposed to my life on the farm. But this post has some awesome tips for introverts needing alone time at school!
  • Speaking of adjusting, as you all know by now, I have a chronic illness, and I’ve found lots of good posts on The Mighty about getting through college with health problems, but this one has the best tips I’ve found. #4 alone is one that’s saved my life this year. And #7 is a great reminder. . . I’m still working on it, though.
  • Rather than being a list, this one is just for fun: Studio C’s back-to-school comedy compilation is the best! I’ve watched Studio C’s sketches a lot last month, during migraines, while doing yoga, and I love them. So much fun in 5-10 minutes!
  • Another fun one, how about some care package ideas, for kids away at school. (chocolate. always send chocolate. and coffee. and extra sticky notes. 😉 )
  • One last one: Not specifically back to school, but simply a list of things to do before bed at night. I have trouble getting to sleep, especially living in the dorms, and this is a great list. I would add: Do yoga, (try to) finish schoolwork early, and make a plan for the next (school) day.
The ‘dorm survival kit’ my sister put together for me for a graduation gift!



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