Round-up: ExSpelled, Middle-Earth in Nebraska, and a Crocheted Blanket

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It’s been a good week on and off the web! Off the web, Mum, Mack and I took a trip to the small town where Mum grew up, and where, when we visited 3 years ago, I told her I wanted to have my senior pictures taken at an abandoned mansion. Here we are, years later, with senior pictures galore!


And on the web, well. This is a new feature I’m starting semi-weekly, with a round-up of my favorite finds around the web lately, so here we go (said like Peter Pan: Here–we–go!!)

ExSpelled–I am SO EXCITED. This is my brother Andrew’s second game on Kickstarter, and it’s going to be just as amazing as the first one! In his video, Andrew says “I love the DIY Adventure Games format. When I launched The Cloud Dungeon, I felt that I was starting something that could be really amazing. And I’m so excited to be launching another game in the same format.” And evidently everyone else thinks so, too–it was just launched this morning, and already it’s fully funded! Andrew has some great rewards, including hand-carved wands, and yourself as a character in the book! I’m looking forward to his stretch goals, too. . . basically the best part of my day has been watching his number go up, up, up. . .

Speaking of Andrew’s kickstarters, my sister, Bethany from Dandelion Pie, is hosting a giveaway with our brother, for five copies of his wonderful coloring book, and there’s only one day left to enter! Plus, she shares 3 things she does to relieve stress.

My character from The Cloud Dungeon!
My character from The Cloud Dungeon!

Middle-Earth in Nebraska–how cool is that? I’ve been to Hobbiton in New Zealand, but I never would have thought there could be a Middle-Earth-ish place in little old NE. Now I want to go there, and soon!

How to make miniature succulent gardens–We made a lot of little succulent gardens a few years ago, and still love them! We have a tall bench by our picture-window in the living room where they stay warm in the winter, so our frozen outdoors never looks so bleak as it might.

I knit, not crochet, but this blanket (and tutorial–wonderful for a visual learner *cough* me *cough*) makes me want to learn to crochet!

We knew it all along–it’s best to fall in love with a Nebraskan.

I’m a planner. And I’m really, really bad at not having a plan. Especially with my health issues, I can’t always tell what I can do the next day. . . or week. . . or year. Even planning for college next year, I have to remember it might not happen. So yesterday, when I couldn’t handle all the stress and uncertainty, I read this. And it helped so much–even just the title: Why having no plan may be the best plan of all.

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  1. Amalia, my daughters and I are waiting to see your Senior pictures. Or are they “secret”? We understand if they are not for us “regulars” to see. But being homeschoolers ourselves and opting for non-“standard” Senior pictures, we’re really interested. Thanks! God bless.

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