Round-up: Gilmore Girls, Chronic Pain, and Knitting

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It’s a coffee-reading-and knitting kinda day.

And I have so many links, and fun articles, and yarn, and so much knitting news! So check the round-up below, and leave a note to tell me which is your favorite!


Are you excited for the Gilmore Girls reboot? I am! And what better way to celebrate than reading the books they reference in the show! Oliver Twist, Jane Austen, Wuthering Heights. . . plus a lot that I haven’t read yet. Everyone knows that Rory the bookworm has good tastes–why not follow them? Modern Mrs. Darcy just published a series in books; Gilmore Girls, and it’s so much fun.

I’ve been drooling over this gorgeous pantry for the past couple of weeks. It’s larger than the whole of our old kitchen. And the way she has it organized! Oh, to live in that house. The candy jars, the amazing collection of mixers, the under counter freezer drawers, the cookbooks. . . *sigh*

This is the sweetest little advent calendar. I love Mom’s tradition of counting down to Christmas with books, but maybe the books could be wrapped up in packages too? I’m looking forward to Christmas. . . and Thanksgiving is just next week! Whoopie!

Here’s the thing. If you’ve never experienced chronic pain, and know someone who has, never, ever, ever say “it could be worse.” Or “just wait until you’re _____, everything will hurt more”, or anything like that. No matter how well-intend the remark is, it hurts–a lot. You don’t need to act as if their pain isn’t there, just because they don’t tell you how much pain they’re really in.

Finishing up my first hat!

We’ve finally talked Dad into getting pigs. Maybe now we can talk him into getting sheep? Now that I’ve started knitting more and more. . . and more. . . I would love to learn to dye and spin my own yarn to knit with!

Ravelry is one of my favorite things now–I find a lot of amazing patterns. (Don’t worry, I’ll share them with you once they’re finished!) But I just found this post with 22 easy (and free) patterns, and I think I might be knitting a few of these before going back to Ravelry!

Speaking of knitting, I’m opening up a store soon! It’s already up on Etsy, so favorite it there and subscribe to Second Breakfast (in the sidebar up to the right, if you haven’t already) for updates! It’s called Much Ado About Knitting.

Favorite Instagrams:

(from friends I follow)

(and mine!)

Also, I have a new knitting Instagram account, so follow me here and tag me in your knitting photos so I can feature them!

Spent a happy afternoon in the kitchen, zesting and squeezing many, many lemons. 🍋

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  1. I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I’m actually looking forward to longer evenings inside, so we can catch up on good movies, good books, and knitting marathons! Such a great round-up of links, Amalia!

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