Round-up: Pie, Blogging, Literary Heroines, and the Holidays!

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My family eats lots and lots and lots of pie. So when I saw this gift guide for pie lovers, I couldn’t believe it! What a great gift guide. . . now I want all of it. The cookbook they show is already on my Christmas list. . . it’s just gorgeous.

How to talk to friends and family about your chronic health issues. This one’s hard for me. I don’t talk about my issues much–I didn’t tell anyone about it for the first four years!–but sometimes you need to. Your family wants to know what’s going on, how you’re doing, and Kate has some great tips for how to talk to them about it.

Kate the (Almost) Great, one of my favorite bloggers, just recently shared her best blogging advice, and they’re great. If you’re a new blogger, or you want to make your blog your business, give her advice a read!

Holiday give-and-take: Some great recipes and diy gifts to keep around for the Holidays!

Who’s your favorite literary heroine? Ooh! Such a great question. There are so many: Elizabeth Bennett, Lucy Pevensie, Violet and Sunny Baudelaire, Fern Arable, Nancy. . . Who’s yours? I want to know!

The ABM folks are adopting! I’m excited to read their posts through this process.

If you’re doing shopping online this time of year, use Ebates! It’s easy to use, free, and you get a little cash back from each purchase you make–and, you can link it to your credit card and get rebates in store too! I just discovered it, and I’ve already gotten cash back from some Black Friday yarn shopping! There are tons of stores to choose from, with different percentages you get back, plus you get a $10 bonus just for joining–so don’t forget to use it this Holiday season!

Favorite Instagrams:

(from friends)

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Sassy and I are ready for Thanksgiving. 💕

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4 comments on “Round-up: Pie, Blogging, Literary Heroines, and the Holidays!

  1. Wow I am so excited to have found your blog! I just love the feel of it already! I am excited to read past posts and look forward to future posts! My mom suffers from chronic pain, so I know how hard it is to be the family memeber who wants to help and not sure what to do! I love all your book references as well. My two favorite literary heroines are are Anne of Green Gables and Jo March!! Such strong and imaginative characters!

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