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Well! I told you on Saturday about last week, and there’s not much more to say other than. . .

Last week’s goals:

  1. Stay on AIP: A
    It was hard this week, guys. But I still did it.
  2. Exercise & Tai Chi more: B-
    This is why I didn’t affix a number: once each. But that’s because of the pain and swelling on getting my wisdom teeth out. Now it’s down to mild throbbing and bruising, so I can get back to it better.
  3. Read/write/journal more: B+
    I did read and journal more, but didn’t write hardly at all.


This week’s goals: (similarity, anyone?)

1. Stay on AIP.
I have something every night this week. Eek! Four practices, and three graduation parties.

2. Exercise & Tai Chi thrice each.

3. Read/write/journal!
. . .every day if possible, but just more in general.

4. Keep up the routines!
I let my routines go this last week, and need to get back into the better. Especially reading my script/Bible before bed every night.

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