Writing at Midnight–Nearly.

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Yes, I’m writing at midnight again! But no, I don’t only write at midnight. Usually I write more around 6 in the morning, instead of midnight. . . but last Thursday and Friday, I did. There was no other time to in this case. . .

Blogger--Writing at Midnight

Tired ramblings from eyes that won’t sleep, in a body that–at last!–is no longer in motion.

We just got to the hotel after a long day of driving. It’s nearly midnight. It’s a quarter after eleven–no, ten now. We gained an hour today, making it through most of Iowa from Ohio before collapsing and calling it a night.

Tomorrow we’ll be getting home. Home. A nice word, that.

And then in five days we’ll be off again, into the blue–we’ll be gone longer, and farther, and our clocks will be completely messed up. We’re going ’round the world. I’m very excited, but right now I’m even more excited just to get home, and have a few days of normal craziness.

Tomorrow evening we’re having my birthday party–is it crazy that we’re having it the day we get home? Maybe. But are we usually crazy? Yep–totally. Anyone who knows my family can corroborate that.

The day has been a full one–lots of driving, lots of navigating, lots of loud music and cheese and crackers. But I’m so ready to be done with the car and just. . . be home! With my family, the chickens and goose–to have half a Saturday and Sunday and get to see my friends and fam once more before we leave for three weeks.

The room is quiet. . . my eyelids won’t stay open. . . I drove the last four or five hours, I don’t remember which, and for some reason driving is just exhausting. Especially today. The wind was ridiculous–50+ miles per hour, making it hard to drive, knocking down stoplights and polls and wires all over the place, adding at least a couple of hours to our already long driving day, and  generally just making lots of trouble.  Last night I was writing and reading until twelve-thirty; tonight I think I should leave you a little earlier, as I know the later I go to bed doesn’t mean the later I get to wake up; and we still have a half a day of driving tomorrow.

And plus. My audiobook is calling me.

That sunset means home!

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