Slowing Down and Speeding Up

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“Now that the melodrama’s done, life can calm down a bit, and get back to normal.”


“Since we’re taking a year off from Farmer’s Market there will be more time this summer!”


Ha! Little did we know.

It seems like when you think you know how your life is going to be for awhile, God will turn you around, and there’s his plan, and it’s nothing like yours. I was thinking my life was slowing down for a month or two, and that this summer it would speed up with the coming of my sister’s marriage.

Then I turned.

From last summer.

The last two weeks have been very good, very busy, and have changed my plans for this summer-and my life, for now at least.

Three weeks ago I knew nothing of what was going to happen. Then, all in one week, I got a job at a sweet little bookstore near here, and I got a part in a melodrama. I’m in a melodrama. Again! We have four rehearsals a week, and will have 14+ performances! Whew. This is going to be. . . ridiculous. And amazing.

Someone say ridiculous?
Did someone say ridiculous?

And since I’ll be needing to drive to rehearsals and my job, I needed to get my license. I had wanted to anyway, but this really forced the thing on me: I had to get my license. I called to find out the hours, and what do you know? They were open the next day. I needed to go, and I kept thinking of mistakes other people have told me they made, thinking okay, don’t do that. And don’t forget that. Remember, remember. . .

And I guess I remembered, because I passed.

And thank goodness, too, because rehearsals started this week!


This week seemed like it was full of big scary firsts. The first time I drove on my own-the first rehearsal for the melodrama in a group I don’t know, and am in for the first time this year. The first time I was out really, truly on my own.

At the beginning of the week I was looking at my calendar, and got overwhelmed-I was going to be gone every single night this week. Rehearsals, choir concerts, the Formal-not to mention my job in the afternoon. But here I’ve survived over half the week, and I think I can take on the rest of it.

It struck me as I was driving to rehearsal that I was really on my own, and I missed having the chatter-Malachi in the back, and Mom up front talking to me about things, or reading a gardening magazine, or singing our melodrama olio over, and over, and over. On the way home after rehearsal it struck me again that I was really on my own. And I turned up my Punch Brothers music, and sang. Without disturbing anyone.



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