Slowing Down

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We had an exciting weekend, driving, playing with nephies, moving big brother’s family. . . Now we’re back home again, home again, and have a nice, slow (well, busy, but not horribly) week ahead. So!

Last week:

  1. Finish another book: B+
    I did a lot of reading on my three books, but didn’t finish one. . . but in one I only have a chapter left!
  2. Play cello: F
    We were gone this weekend, and I wanted to get my cello out after we got back yesterday, but I couldn’t. . . I ended uo collapsing on the couch with a headache instead. Maybe this week.
  3. Write more: A+
    I wrote a lot on the trip too!
  4. Find better routines: A-
    I think I’ve figured them out; but because of the trip, I couldn’t actually implement them.

Road trip? Coffee.

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This week:

  1. Play cello & write more.
  2. Do some exercise and Tai Chi/Yoga every day.
    Tai Chi/Yoga feel really good when I have a headache, and whenever I can do any exercise without getting dizzy is great–thus, a little exercise if that’s all I can do, and more on the days I can.
  3. Catch up posting 365 pics.
    I have three weeks to catch up on, guys. Plus I’m working on a couple other blog posts, and I should be working on my ‘real’ writing. But for this week, the goal is just to post the pics.
  4. Implement my routines.

What are your goals this week?

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