The Year of No–The Year of Yes

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While my Mom and sister are doing a ‘year of no’, I seem to be doing a ‘year of yes’. I’ve said ‘yes’ to: A job in a bookstore, a part in a melodrama that keeps me out most weeknights at rehearsal, not to forget helping with my sister’s wedding, and a myriad of other things that make me much busier than I had expected.


Last week, I looked at my calendar for the coming week, and started getting overwhelmed. My life looked like this:


Monday- School, then my last free evening.
Tuesday- School and melodrama rehearsal.
Wednesday- School, work, and melodrama rehearsal. All back-to-back.
Thursday- School, cello, choir concert in a town a couple of hours away. Road trip! And I was skipping melodrama rehearsal, because of said trip.
Friday- As long as I could make it to Friday, I told myself I would be home-free. Because on Friday, I got to get together with two of my best friends in the afternoon to get ready for our Formal that night-and then got to spend the evening with more good friends!


Saturday- Work, and a surprise birthday party for my Auntie in the evening.
Sunday- The only thing I would plan for Sunday, besides church, was sleep. I knew I would need it, staying out late Friday and being so busy the rest of the week.

In other words, I looked at my calendar and saw that every single night I would be gone. Mom saw I was freaking out about it a little, and she told me to take it a day at a time.


That saved me. She saved me this week. Between her advice about taking it day by day, coming in to take pictures of my friends and I before the Formal, letting me knock off school early (more than once) so I could sleep, and making sure that I got some food in my 10 minute turn-around time between work and rehearsal, she helped me get through the week.

Have you ever done that? Don’t look at the rest of the week coming towards you, or you might get overwhelmed-just take it one day at a time?


One of the things in the ‘year of no’ that we decided to say no to early this year was simple: Farmer’s Market. We’re taking a year off. And I knew this would change the summer-not going through the frustration of baking all day two days a week, not mentioning cleaning up? Great! But not seeing our regular costumers, and friends? Not so great.

But looking back at that decision, I’m very happy with it. Not only to give us more time, and energy, to work on other things like, oh, an upcoming wedding, but also, by not being tied down to three days of Farmer’s Market prep and cleanup frees us up for new adventures:


I could never have done the melodrama if I was doing Farmer’s Market. And I don’t know if I would have gotten my job, since Farmer’s Market takes up so much time.

There are things that I have to say no to that really hurt, but I know that if I don’t, I won’t get to say yes to other things, or I’ll be much too burned out to be of any use with anything.


So I’m not really having a ‘year of no’–but not really a ‘year of yes’ either. I have a year of. . . tough choices.


2 comments on “The Year of No–The Year of Yes

  1. Though I claimed this a year of no, like you it is shaping up to be a year of tough decisions. Our little family with our week old daughter is facing many life-changing choices, that seem to need to be made rather quickly! We trust God will lead us where we need to go, but prayers are appreciated as we navigate these next couple months.
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