Week 12 — 365 Challenge

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Things are getting hectic around here, as the 12th week of our 365 photography challenge passes. We have just barely a kitchen, cats wondering through the house, loud pounding while we’re trying to do school, and scripts sitting in the living room waiting for auditions on Monday. Mum and I have been driving all over the place, going one place for beef one day, driving another way to the doctor another day, and driving still another way to go to cello and pear-picking. Hopefully this week we won’t be going somewhere every. day.


Day 78: I came home from work to find this. In case you don’t know, those beams and empty shelves in the middle? There used to be a wall there, and a kitchen. And now we have this. Progress though, right?


Day 79: When the pounding in the house gets to be too much, Mum and I go for walks with our Rebels.


Day 80: I love my home.


Day 81: Ever since I got my new toys (miniature tart pans), our tear-outers and builders have been teasing me about making tarts for them. I finally did; this is the setup we have for a kitchen right now.



Day 82: Goldberry was my study partner this morning. She likes to sit on the book rather than read it.


Day 83: For Mum’s low-light challenge! I personally hate using flash, so I never do and therefore I’m used to playing around with ISO etc, etc. . . low-light pictures are some of my favorites now. I was holding flowers on the way to see Bessie’s last play–which was fantastic.


Day 84: Finishing up editing pictures from the wedding we photographed this summer!

How is your challenge going? Don’t forget to check out the weeks –and challenges–of Amy, Bethany, Sarah, Chef William and Alice!

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