Week 14 — 365 Challenge

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One more (busy) week. Yay! This week we’ve been doing lots of school (joy), drama and drama prep (first week of blocking!), and tearing our house apart– even more.


Day 92: My precious kitty laying by the window on a last warm day of autumn, and a favorite succulent is turning red on the edges.

Kitty Table

Day 93: We had company coming over for supper, and found out that Goldberry loves our new dining room location. “I am part of the centerpiece; is there food for me too? Ooh! I smell chicken!”


Day 94: During melodrama we don’t always eat very well thanks to our running around and doing all sorts of melodrama foolery, but tonight we ate pretty well before the kids got there!


Day 95: Mum and I love to go on walks down our road while it’s still nice out. . . this was pretty much the last warm day we had before the cold hit.


Day 96: Working on NaNoWriMoing, with my tea, seeds, and keyboard.


Day 97: We went on a field trip to Edgerton, and found Cap sitting in a giant ferris wheel!


Day 98: People say I shouldn’t eat so much salt. . . I wonder why? 😉 Actually, I was in a rush to get to work early this morning, and forgot that our salt grinder was broken. I turned it over, and. . . this happened.


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