Week 22 — 365 Challenge

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Good morning, and again happy new year! I can’t get over the fact that it’s 2016 now. It’s January. That means we have a melodrama coming up soon. And a new baby. And a trip to New Zealand. And. . . a whole year!


Day 148: Kitty waiting for us to play our new games. . .



Day 149: (Top:) My cousins and nephie playing trains at Grandma and Grandpa’s, during the Young Family Christmas. (Bottom:) My cousin and I convinced–er, well, more than one of our young cousins that we were twins, based on our nearly-identical eyes and fabulously made-up backstory.


Day 150: Our Christmas tree, with my neph behind.


Day 151: Breakfast before our 4th (and last) Christmas!


Day 152: I was editing photos (lots of them!) on Mum’s laptop, and noticed this photo on her desk. It’s from our formal (Home School Prom, pretty much) this last spring–two of my best friends and I.

Coffee Cake!


Day 153: I love Christmas Cheat Week. I made Sour Cream Coffee Cake from Joy the Baker‘s cookbook Homemade Decadence, and it was The Best Thing Ever. On Monday I’ll be back to being pancake-less, back on the AIP. But for the last few days of Cheat Week, we feast! We had our traditional Fondue for supper New Year’s Eve, and I had no question of ‘what will I eat?’ It was a good way to end the year.


Day 154: I started knitting! I’ve finished two dishcloths already, and am halfway through another. Mum and I stopped and picked up more yarn on our way back from setting up melodrama set!

Don’t forget the other 365ers in the line-up: Amy, Bethany and Sarah, plus Chef William, and Alice. We would love it if you joined in too–it’s never too late to start, and this could be one New Year’s resolution you’ll actually complete! 😉 Plus, if you want to join in blogging about it, leave your link and we’ll link back to you.


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