Week 27 — 365 Challenge

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And now I’m all caught up! And, guess what? Now we’ve passed the halfway mark on our 365 Challenge! Have you joined in yet? If you haven’t, you should!


Day 183: I love my polka-dot wall. Cleaning and re-organizing my room before leaving on our trips, I found a better way to keep my necklaces untangled.

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Day 184: Finally getting my writing mojo back. . .


Day 185: Aftermath of melodrama: Old jewelry, a camera cap, homemade kombucha, and a rosebud that didn’t get hung from the ceiling to dry with the rest. . .

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Day 186: My hair seems so long, now that I can pull it back!


Day 187: Snow day!


Day 188: I love snow. Especially when I know I’m going to leave it soon for the beach.

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Day 189: Spending an evening reading before a day of packing. . .

Don’t forget the other 365ers in the line-up: Amy, Bethany and Sarah, plus Chef William, and Alice. We would love it if you joined in too–You can start at anytime, and encourage others to start too! 😉 Plus, if you want to join in blogging about it, leave your link!


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