Week 29 — 365 Challenge

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We drove all day yesterday. And I hadn’t done any work on this post, so I worked on it last night, and got up early this morning to finish it, because. . . *gulp* we still have a half a day of driving before we’re home. But only a half-day. It’s okay, because while we’re driving, I’ll be thinking about the last week and a half we’ve had. . .


Day 197: One my birthday my sweet family surprised me by throwing balloons at me when I came upstairs, and they had taped balloons up in the kitchen, and on a ‘birthday throne’. The days following, Anya and Macky drew faces on all of them, and Anya named them. Here you see (R. to L.) Big Nose, Pointy Nose, Silly Nose, Scared Nose, and (with his face tuned away from the camera, alas), Yummy Nose. Mack also drew us on balloons, instead of random faces. . . I had gold teeth, and was a princess. Which was stranger? I’m not sure.


Day 198: Playing Tokaido with Eliza and Andrew!


Day 199: Mum bought me a new ceramic travel mug for my birthday. I love it. And with this one, I didn’t break it the first day, needing Timmy to glue it back together.


Day 200: Playing in the snow, making a giant Snow Owl and a huge snow fort, in between snowball fights!


Day 201: My sweet niecie Anya watching the squirrel, ‘Blerk’.

365 Challenge--Chagrin Falls

Day 202: We went to visit Chagrin Falls for the day, just Mum, Mack and me, and had tons of fun walking around the town. This is where Bill Watterson, the creator of Calvin and Hobbes grew up, so as we pass a store or a building, we would look at it and say “Oh! That’s where Calvin did so-and-so!” But I’ll tell you all about it later. . . there’s too much for now! These are the falls; they go right through town, and are perfectly gorgeous.

Day 203: I didn’t manage to get my camera out yesterday, but in between driving and navigating, I did take some quick pictures with our phone. Driving all day was. . . tiring. But now, we’re almost home.

Don’t forget the other 365ers in the line-up: Amy, Bethany and Sarah, plus Chef William, and Alice. We would love it if you joined in too–You can start at anytime, and encourage others to start too! 😉 Plus, if you want to join in blogging about it, leave your link!


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