Week 30 — 365 Challenge

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1 o’clock this morning, I went upstairs to find Mum, Dad, and Mack all up. Why? Because three days ago it would be 8 in the evening, rather than 1 in the AM. We just got back from New Zealand, and have yet to adjust.

Well, it’s time for me to catch up on photos again! I have three weeks to catch up with, so let’s get on with it. . .

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Day 204: I find getting home extremely exciting.

Day 205: Our kitchen progress looks great!


Day 206: Kitty helping me pack for New Zealand.Feb25

Day 207: On the first flight, a short hop before a layover and the 14+ hour overnight flight.


Day 208: Our first glimpse of The Mount!


Day 209: Our hosts had grapevines growing on a trellis over their patio, so we had grapes almost every day while we were there. I loved the way this clump looked, with both red and white grapes.


Day 210: My favorite ice cream, ever and ever.

Don’t forget the other 365ers in the line-up: Amy, Bethany and Sarah, plus Chef William, and Alice. We would love it if you joined in too–You can start at anytime, and encourage others to start too! 😉 Plus, if you want to join in blogging about it, leave your link!


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