Week 39 — 365 Challenge

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It’s been a very good day. The rest of the week? Eh, not so much. I got my wisdom teeth out on Tuesday, so the last few days I’ve spent mostly laying on the couch watching movies and drinking juice. Yesterday was better, and today has been pretty great. I no longer look like a very fat chipmunk, and the bruising is frankly, more interesting than the swelling. I’ve always liked interesting bruises. . . even if they’re on my face, I suppose. It’s garage sale days in our little town, so I got to spend the morning with my Mum and sissy, Auntie and Grandma, walking around town and finding treasures. And tonight we’re having a massive family get-together, so I get to be with some of the people I love the most, and never see enough.


Day 266: Books and script! I spent my slow day reading.


Day 267: Another hot salad!


Day 268: Prepping food for getting my wisdom teeth out.


Day 269: Such a beautiful sunset, especially with all the dandelions. . .


Day 270: AIP ice cream and coffee cake is amazing when you’ve had nothing but juice for the last two days.


Day 271: I’ve been receiving get well cards for weeks–I got five in one day this week (twenty here!); this one from Levi is possibly my favorite, out of all of the wonderful letters and notes.


Day 272: Lavender!

Don’t forget the other 365ers in the line-up: Amy, Bethany and Sarah, plus Chef William, and Alice. We would love it if you joined in too–You can start at anytime, and encourage others too! 🙂


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