Week 46 — 365 Challenge

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Finishing my catch-up on the 365 Challenge, here are the photos from last week!

Day 315: Picking elderflowers with Mum!

A photo posted by Amalia (@amaliacharis) on

Day 316: Ice cream makes the day better.

A photo posted by Amalia (@amaliacharis) on

Day 317: On my way to The City, and kitty and I match!

Persuasion Quote

Day 318: Between a migraine and a cold, I was out of it for several days, and didn’t even think about taking pictures. But while I was watching movies, I was catching up on making and scheduling my daily quotes. . . so here are a couple of those!

Grant Quote

Day 319: I thought both of these went with the whole ‘Migraine week, out-of-commision’, thing. 😉

11 Simple to Make Your Day Better

Day 320: And when I started feeling a little better, I started work on this post!

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Day 321: And what else does one do when they have a headache, than read about it while drinking coffee?

Coffee and music: A good way to make the day better!

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