Week 5 — 365 Challenge

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I cannot believe it’s been 5 weeks already! How’s your challenge going? I know Amy, Bethany and Sarah are all still going strong (and you should check out their photos!), and I am too–though, I confess I’ve missed a couple of days (in different weeks) and had to make up for it the next day. But here’s this week of photos. Oh! Quick note before you see them. You may wonder who that is hiding their face from the camera with a camera up there. It’s not me. It’s my brother Timothy who I’m really missing, and get to see in less than a week! (Yay!!) Now on to your regularly scheduled photos:



Day 29: Okay, so I didn’t actually take this picture. But since I took 600+ photos that day, I thought you would forgive me for sharing a photo of what I was doing, instead of what I was photographing (although, this really who’s both).


Day 30: Yay for wood stoves! This will be our weekends over the fall, as always.


Day 31: I love playing with this little guy at work. So much fun!


Day 32: Not much to say about this one. I needed something fast, and my hair was there.


Day 33: We’re remodeling, and this little cabinet couldn’t stay where it was, so I get to keep it! I love the little detailing.


Day 34: Okay. This is the day I forgot. (Eep!) So I took this one the next day. Isn’t my camera pretty?


Day 35: ‘A garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.’ This verse has been a help and a hope to me in my quest to get rid of my headaches the last couple months, as we keep trying and finding more things that don’t work. I write this one on my wrist frequently, and as much as I love the whole verse (the whole chapter, really), it’s those two lines that keep playing in my head.


So, there’s this week! I’ve already taken my photo today, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see it, or you can follow Second Breakfast’s FB page to see them beforehand!

Happy snapping!

Another comforting verse. . .
Another comforting verse. . .

4 comments on “Week 5 — 365 Challenge

  1. I’ve enjoyed your Mom’s blog for a while & now I’m enjoying yours. I would like to know the references for your Bible verses. I could probably be your grandmother, but you share great wisdom. I am having a day of much needed quietness & peace & your verses are meaningful. Thanks for sharing. Mary Ann

    1. I’m glad you enjoy my blog, Mary Ann! The Bible verses are thus: The first photo is Isaiah 61:3, and the second is Isaiah 32:17-18. I’m glad you found them helpful-I’ve needed these for the last couple of weeks, and I thought they would help someone. I’m glad they did. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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