Week 50 — 365 Challenge

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Did you see what I did? Last week I completely forgot to post my week of pictures. I worked on it the day before, then on Saturday, I didn’t even think about it. So, here they are!


Day 343: A new chalkboard, in time for the new Harry Potter book.


Day 344: Macky doing science experiments at the bookstore!


Day 345: You know you’re bloggers when you have tons of these pictures–on your phone and camera.


Day 346: My favorite thing this week was most definitely holding this angel and making her laugh!

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Day 347: ‘The Best Yes on my MP3 player, ‘Local Wonders’ and my Bible, and ice cream in my coffee. . . studying before starting the day. A wonderful way to get inspiration before diving into writing!


Day 348: Another favorite thing this week was, of course, spending the day with this sweet girly!

Day 349: Meeting a  new doctor again and starting a new treatment again. . . *sigh*

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