What I’m Reading Now

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(This post has affiliate links to Amazon, which if you buy the book from my link, will make me a small half-a-penny to use on more books! There is no additional cost to you, natch. Now, on to the reads. . .)

The 50 Greatest Mysteries of All Time: I love this book. My friend told me I needed to read a couple of the stories from it this spring, so naturally I just bought the book and started making my way through the mysteries. I had no clue A.A. Milne wrote mysteries. And Jack London’s mystery! I like it more than The Call of The Wild. Which isn’t very hard for me, actually.  Oh! And ‘A Terribly Strange Bed’, by Wilkie Collins, reminds me of my favorite Poe story, ‘The Pit and The Pendulum’. It’s amazing. And it’s Wilkie Collins. He wrote The Woman in White–(the original story, not the script). I must read more!

“Others would walk down the obscure and narrow lanes between the bookshelves in the London Library, sniffing the dusty perfume of good literature, peering at strange titles, discovering unknown names, exploring the fringes of vast domains of knowledge.” — The Gioconda Smile by Aldous Huxley.

This one’s pretty great too. Another favorite. And the 25th story–halfway through!

Not Tonight I Have A Headache: This is a very interesting book. I’ve been reading it since I saw it at the bookshop where I work, and it’s fascinating. I don’t usually read books like this, so I can’t read it when I’m sleepy (I need all my brains to figure it out), and I’ve learned to keep a pen with me and underline things that are pertinent; and I’m not a ‘footprint leaver’ (thank you Anne Lamott) except in my Bible, so it’s interesting how it’s become easier as I go along, writing notes in the margins and underlining, drawing arrows and generally marking up the book. Have you ever noticed how, if you abbreviate something, it makes it sound a whole lot worse? I can say ‘I have headaches‘, or even ‘I have chronic headaches’, and it doesn’t sound all that horrible, but if I tell you ‘I have CDH’, you’ll end up saying ‘Oh no! What IS that?’


The Marvels: I just finished this one, and it’s not my favorite. I was very excited to get Brian Selznick’s new book, and. . . well, it let me down a little. I like his first book, Hugo, a lot, and I love his second book, Wonderstruck, but I don’t like The Marvels quite as much as I liked Hugo even. It’s not that it’s a bad book–it has gorgeous pictures, of course, and I will forever love the format of his books, being half pictures, half words, but. . . it’s just my preference, I suppose. Wonderstruck remains my favorite, and it shall continue that way.

The New Sugar and Spice: Oh. So gorgeous. I got this cookbook from Blogging for Books after I saw a review of it in Fine Cooking, and it did not let me down! I showed it to my Grandma, and she ended up getting her own copy. I love this book; it uses more unusual spices in sweets, that you wouldn’t think about, like Crunchy Peanutpepper Cookies or Chili-Chocolate Truffles. The chapters are named after the spices: Nutmeg, peppercorn, ginger. . .  it’s on my nightstand along with The Homemade Kitchen and Citrus. Is it geeky to keep cookbooks on your nightstand? Ah, well. I’ve never minded being geeky anyway.

Shadow of The Almighty: I’ve been reading this book for History in school. When I was collecting my school books from our bookshelves this fall, I told Mom that finally,  finally I got good books for school! Usually I don’t read many of my school (reading) books, because I read good books on my own already–but this year I have Moby Dick, Shadow of the Almighty, Shaking the Nickle Bush (one of my favorite Ralph Moody books), and other books I’m excited about, too. This book is about the life of Jim Elliot, a martyr who died along with four fellow missionaries at the hands of Ecuador’s Huaorani Indians, as told by his widow, Elisabeth Elliot. It’s an amazing book. I always keep my journal with me when I read it, because of all the good quotes. . .

Their whole love story (where I am now) is so sweet, and the way he wrote about her in his journal and letters home, and she writes about him in this book–it’s so sweet, and sad. Lovely, and heartbreaking.

“No one warns young people to follow Adam’s example. He waited till God saw his need. Then God made Adam sleep, prepared for his mate, and brought her to him. We need more of this ‘being asleep’ in the will of God. Then we can receive what He brings us in His own time, if at all.” — Jim Elliot, in a letter to his parents.


You can see some of the other books floating around our hands and house right now, here. Books are the best, aren’t they? What have you been reading lately?

11 comments on “What I’m Reading Now

  1. oOo, The New Sugar and Spice cover is gorgeous, so I’m glad to hear a good review of it as well. I’ll have to check it out! I am currently reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, and it is amazing! I love her message, and she’s hilarious. I get embarrassed reading it in public because I’m full on laughing out loud constantly.
    Grace recently posted…20 of the Best Plant-Based Protein SourcesMy Profile

    1. Isn’t it just? I love The New Sugar and Spice; even though I haven’t cooked from it yet! That sounds great; I love books that make me laugh out loud! I’m going to have to read it now. 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. I’m always looking for a great read! Thanks for sharing your reviews. I read cookbooks like they are novels, so no, it is not weird to have a cookbook on your night stand! Or maybe some would think it is, but I’m with you. 🙂 I’ll have to look into Sugar and Spice, and the Homemade Kitchen. You’re speaking my love language–food!

    Blessings to you.
    chellie recently posted…Pumpkin Yogurt with Cinnamon Sugar SeedsMy Profile

    1. Thanks, Chellie! I’m glad I’m not the only one who keeps cookbooks all over the place! Come back later, and I’ll have even more (cook) book reviews!

      Blessings to you as well.

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