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“I don’t think they know about Second Breakfast, Pip.”

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved words. She loved reading words, writing words, and discovering new words. She was home schooled, and her Mum, realizing this passion, let her focus on English and Creative Writing, and because of this, the girl forever knew she was going to be a writer. One sunny summer day, when she was helping her Mum out in the garden, they started talking about blogging–Mum had already been writing on her blog for years, and the girl thought it sounded fun. So after thinking, writing, and finally coming up with a name from one of her favorite books. . .

I started a blog.


Second Breakfast is all about my life in Nebraska living on a small family farm, the many books I read, food I cook (and bake), photography, friends, family, and fun, adventures I have, preparing to leave home school to be an English major in college next year, and my struggles with Chronic Daily Headaches, trying to be rid of them, and until then, living my life best as I can with daily pain.

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I will show you a little piece of this crazy life I live, the wonderful family I have, and how the challenges we all face every day are better with a little second breakfast.



12 comments on “About Second Breakfast

  1. The Lord of the Rings is my comfort video. As a matter of fact I just finished watching all 3 extended versions and the second breakfast has always been a family favorite, because we do go in for 2nd breakfasts on occasions. Thanks for introducing me to your blog. I look forward to following as I’m a big fan of Vomiting Chicken.

    1. Oh, I do love The Lord of The Rings, especially when I’m sick. It is very special to be able to watch it, and think about the hobbits, and elves, and wizards, and keep your mind off of other things. I’m so glad you found me-I do hope you’ll check in again! (And Vomiting Chicken is excellent, isn’t it?)

  2. Awww. I’ve never read this, more’s the pity! What a great introduction to your blog! And now you can add: “You can come here to buy my ebook full of recipes for Halflings . . . ”
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