11 Simple Ways to Make Your Day Better (Even When You Have a Headache)

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Last week was Migraine Week for me. Never a good week. And half the time I had something I had to leave the house for–work, appointments in The City, et cetera–so all week I was simply trying to make myself feel better; saving my energy so I could leave the house, or so I could just leave my room (seriously, guys, a couple of days even that was hard). So I thought that I would skip my goals this week, and post some simple ways to have a better day. . . even when you have a headache.

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I’ll start with a few well-known ones:

Watch a movie. A good comedy, sappy romance, or superhero movie can do wonders.

Read a book! Sure, when you have a migraine, your eyes don’t always work correctly, or you can’t stand the light being on. . . but this is a good way to make any day better! (If you need ideas, check my suggestions!)

Listen to your favorite music, or audiobook! Sometimes good music can just make the whole day better, can’t it? And  I constantly have two or three audiobooks on my MP3 player that I haven’t listened to yet, and usually a couple I want to listen to a second (or third. . . or fourth) time before switching them out with a new book. This can make the commute to work better, or even just the nagging tasks around the house–yay for multitasking!–it can get your mind off of the bad day, and just concentrate on the words, and the music.

Coffee and music: A good way to make the day better!

Drink coffee. Or kumbucha. Or sparkling water. Any little treat. My favorite during the summer is iced coffee.

Take a hot bath, or a cold shower. When you’re sick or stressed, a hot bath is great to calm down and relax. And when you have a headache, a cold shower is absolutely perfect.

Journal. You know how much I love to journal. I wrote about fifteen pages in my journal in the car about chronic pain (cheery topic, yes?) the other day, and it helped me feel better about my headaches. . . and get some work done for another blog post. Score!

Create something. Write a poem, paint a picture, bake some muffins, take a photo, plant some raspberry bushes, get back to your old hobby you love, but haven’t done recently–do something you love.


Exercise. It doesn’t matter what you do; whether it’s taking a walk with your dog down the street, or biking, gardening, lifting weights, doing Tai Chi or Yoga (I’ve found a new love for yoga),  just get moving!

Make something delicious. Cooking and baking are one of my go-to feel good activities. There are days I wake up and just know I have to cook, so I lock myself in the kitchen with my music and get very miffed if someone interrupts me in the middle of my fun. (Plus, did you know that smelling bread baking actually makes you happier? It’s strange, but it’s true!)

Visit a place you love. And this could even go hand-in-hand with exercise–go to your favorite park for a walk, or visit a local coffee shop and people-watch, or (my favorite) go to your favorite bookstore and browse the new (and old) titles on the shelves. . . there’s any number of places that can make your day better.

Plan something with a friend! On my worst day this week, my friend sent me a message about planning a day for her to take my senior photos, and naturally that led to planning outfits and props and timing and. . . well, all in all, it made the day better. Knowing I had that to look forward to, having a distraction from the pain, and just talking to a friend. . . it’s a good way to end this list, don’t you think?

What else do you do to make your day better?









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