A Birthday Book Release!

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Forgive me if I seem overly excited today, friends-I’ve had my coffee already, and I have reasons to be excited, you see, because:

  1. We’re releasing our ebook Recipes from a Halfling’s Pantry (lots of these) today! And. . .
  2. It’s my 16th birthday!
Yep. ‘Nother year older.

And since we’re releasing our first ebook on my birthday, we decided to do something special. . .

We’re doing a ‘pay-what-you-want’ sale for the first 10 days, and after that we’ll be setting a price. So, while it’s still available, share it with the world! No, wait-that’s my job, isn’t it? Well-if you feel inclined to help me, that would be great!

Yes. YOU.
Know anyone who would like the cookbook? Point ’em out!

Now, you may be wondering why in the world should you buy a cookbook from a home schooled country girl? What could I know? Well here’s a secret for you-I’m a professional baker. I have been for 5 years, in fact. We started baking for Farmer’s Market the summer before we went to New Zealand-my Grandma, Mum, sister and I-and it has taught me a lot. I could probably make scones in my sleep if I had to now! But it hasn’t just taught me how to bake better- it’s also taught me the importance of my family, and our lifestyle.

Mom caught my off-guard picking cherries. . .
Mom caught my off-guard picking cherries. . .

We may not actually be Hobbits, but we sure live like them! My family gets together at whatever occasion we can to talk, and play games and have fun, and eat. Food “and cheer and song” is our main concern at Ponca, and Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and birthday parties are all good reasons to get together, and we start planning the food well in advance. And it makes since, because my family boasts some of the best cooks and bakers I have ever known.

Cider making!
Making cider!

We grow much of our own food, including meat chickens, and quite possibly homestead hogs this summer! We have blueberries and tomatoes, raspberries, kale, and potatoes-we grow too much for me to say, and we bake, and cook, much too much to tell right now, because I’m sure you’re thinking now “where’s the cookbook??” Well. Permit me to show you a sneak-peek of the recipes therein, and then you can go to pay-what-you-want for over 80 pages of Halfling goodies.

The back of the car, starting to load up for Farmer's Market!
The back of the car, starting to load up for Farmer’s Market!

We have lots of favorite recipes-both our favourites, and friends and family’s- in the cookbook, such as:

  • The Dwarves’ Sausage Skillet
  • Meat pies to be eaten out-of-hand
  • Cinnamon Apple Scones
  • The Elves’ Lembas Bread
  • Sam’s Tater Stew
  • Gollum’s Fried Fish Cakes
  • Two-Berry Tarts and Apple Tarts
    And of course, among many, many more, there is one special recipe in words and pictures. . .
  • Sonia’s Ale Stew!
Sonia's Ale Stew -- this is fantastic! 'd make it as soon as possible, if I were you. I'd make it as soon as possible if I were me! Hey. . . I am me!
Sonia’s Ale Stew — this is fantastic! I’d make it as soon as possible, if I were you. I’d make it as soon as possible if I were me! Hey. . . I am me!

And we can’t wait to hear which are your favourites, so tell me-which are you most excited for? And once you make one-or two-or twenty! Please, post a picture of your Halfling feast to Second Breakfast’s Facebook page, or VomitingChicken.com’s Facebook page. And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. . .

You can get Recipes from a Halfling’s Pantry (lots of these) right here!


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  1. Congrats on your cookbook. I can’t wait to get my hands on one soon. My daughter is looking into doing baking professionally. I will be steering her to your site for inspiration. She is also 16. Thank you 😀 And Happy Sweet 16!! Enjoy your success and your birthday.
    Emily recently posted…Crocheting & Sewing as a HobbyMy Profile

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