About Me

About me.

I’ve never had a harder post to write. In fact, this may well be the sixth false start in the last *gulp* five weeks during which I’ve been putting this off. So let’s see if I can actually finish this start, and not put it off again!

About me. . . where to start? Currently I’m lying on my bed, listening to Pandora play my favorite music–soundtracks like Pride and Prejudice and Finding Neverland, musicals such as Into The Woods and Jane Eyre, and every once in awhile an Irish jig, blues song or jazz piece pops up, too–just to remind me how different my favorites really are.


You might learn a lot about me by snooping around my room. The most prominent thing that sticks out is this: I really love books. There’s no way to fit another bookshelf into my room, which means my desk has also become a bookshelf. So has my bed stand. And my stool, and an area of the floor by a bookshelf, as well. One of my favorite things to do is to find old books, and often these are beaten down and in need of repair. . . which explains the box of books with loose leaves or covers coming off, and also the drawer full of irreparable books that I still use for wrapping paper or new journal covers, or any sort of craft, really.

Another thing you’d notice is the shelf full of cookbooks of every description. From a Paleo cookbook to a purely sugary cookbook, the range is rather dramatic. This, and the fact that you can often find me in the kitchen baking brownies or cooking stir-fry, tells you that another passion of mine is food. I love to feed people; this, surely, comes from my family, and the fact that on any holiday and every occasion we can, we get together with (extended) family and cook, and bake, and eat. If you knew what great cooks and bakers my family has, you’d wonder why we aren’t all five hundred pounds or more. . . but maybe the fact that when we get together we also play games and hike, and generally enjoy activities with one another explains it.

All 6 of us together!
All six of us!

I could tell you such stories about this wacky, wonderful family of mine–and will! I am part of a big, clannish family (I have five siblings and many cousins, aunts, uncles, et al.) but I’m getting away from the point: Me.

Back to my room: between the books, journals and essential oils on top of my desk is a basket full of scripts, cards, and an eyepatch from years gone by. . . I’ve been in seven melodramas now; it’s hard to believe, but true. Five with a home school melodrama group my parents started when I was a toddler, and two with the community group that originally inspired them to start a melodrama group in the first place.

Flipping through the scripts, you could find any number of rolls that I’ve played. I love theatre and can’t wait to be in the next production! Being my senior year, it’s going to be hard leaving my parents’ group. . . but I say let’s go out with a bang! *searching through boxes of scripts for a good great one*

After all you’ve read, it won’t surprise you that after having one year left in home school I’m planning on going to college as an English major. And someday, I hope to take culinary classes. Who knows when that will happen? Hopefully when I spend that year in France I’m already planning. Or maybe the year in England. Or the year in Italy. Maybe all three! I’ve never been to the UK (I’ll make it there someday!), but I have been to New Zealand, twice now. And it’s one of my favorite places on Earth. Right up there with my ever-home, Nebraska.

At Hobbiton in New Zealand. . .
. . .and exploring the woods, back home in Nebraska!

Next to my bed, there’s also a jumble of other items that would give you more clues about Me:

  • my cherished MP3 player, earbuds neatly wrapped around it, full of audiobooks that I listen to when I’m weeding or picking tomatoes for my Mum,
  • a tin of book darts, nearly empty because of all the quotes I’ve marked in my current reads, and a jar of my favorite Sharpie pens, in many different colors,
  • a bottle of peppermint oil and my ‘headache journal’,
  • an amber necklace tangled up with a half-dozen stray bookmarks,
  • my sketchbook, with more words than pictures drawn within,
  • essential oils and my diffuser, along with painkillers and, well, anything I can find to help alleviate my Chronic Daily Headaches,
  • and, of course, my current reads. . . including a new favorite, ‘The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of the Inklings‘, and ‘Not Tonight I Have a Headache‘.

*phew* That’s enough About Me for now. Eventually, everything in my life finds its way into my journal and/or my blog. Now, I’d like to learn a little about You. Please say hi in the comments below. I appreciate you and your reading my blog– let’s get acquainted!


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