The Best Bra for Chronic Pain

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Guys, you should probably just skip this post. 😉

And ladies, this isn’t just a bra for those in chronic pain. This is for anyone who has every had trouble finding a comfortable bra, because this is, I kid you not, the most comfortable bra I have ever worn.

Over the last few months, as I have been gaining/learning to cope with new symptoms, I’ve also found that my bras started triggering migraines. It took me a while to realize that a couple of them I could only wear on really good days, and there was only one bra that was truly safe to wear on migraine days. Ladies, we all know how hard it can be to find good foundation garments. But this was something new–I would find a bra that felt good at first, start wearing it, and then halfway through the day it would trigger a migraine. Whether it was just too tight, the elastic hurt, if it was cross-back, or there were uncomfortable underwires, something would make the pain continue up from my shoulders and then boom, migraine.

So, when that happened again while I was home for Thanksgiving break, I was fed up. I had been watching a company called Knixwear for awhile through Instagram, but had been hesitant to purchase anything because it was more expensive than I like to spend, and more so, because I couldn’t try it on beforehand. Thanks to Black Friday sales though, and those migraines being triggered more and more often, I decided to go for it, and I bought two of their bras, to see how I liked them.

The 8-in-1 Evolution bra.

I was so excited to try them out, and eagerly awaited their arrival for the next week. When the package arrived, I tried them on as soon as I could. I was a bit disappointed at first glance; I had bought two different types–their most popular, the 8-in-1 Evolution bra, and their ‘medium-impact sports bra’, the Longevity bra. Pulling them out, they were nothing like the bras I have had before–the 8-in-1 was a thinner fabric, and was a bit strange to me. However, I had seen pictures of this one, and was expecting something different than what we tend to find in stores, so I decided it was promising.

With the Longevity bra, I was a little scared I had made a mistake. It looked a little more ‘normal’ than the other, considering it was a sports bra, but as I pulled it out and looked at the fabric, I was afraid the elastic was going to be too tight, and trigger migraines just as much as my previous bras. However, I tried them both on.

And in the end, my views on the new bras switched. The 8-in-1 seemed to be a bit too big (the pitfalls of ordering online), and the fabric was too light; I had gone with the original instead of the padded, deciding to try the original out first, after reading the reviews, and it just wasn’t modest enough for me. So I set that aside, uncomfortable wearing it, and decided I would email the company, hoping to exchange it for a padded version.

The reversible 8-in-1 Evolution bra.

But the Longevity bra! That turned into my favorite bra of all time, the one that I have been wearing nearly every day for the last three weeks.

When I first tried it on, I thought that it would definitely be too tight, but remembering the reviews, I decided to give it a chance, and wear it for awhile (unless it started triggering migraines), to try it out, and see if it would fit better after a few days. Knixwear says to do this with their bras, stating:

Our bras were designed to mold to your unique shape. For that reason, you’ll probably notice that the fit will be tight when you first put it on. Our innovative fabrics actually stretch to support your body. Basically, this means you’re wearing the bra — the bra isn’t wearing you! We recommend giving it 30 days to see how the fit of the bra evolves. Most women are amazed by how perfect the fit becomes!

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And they’re right! I found it did ‘mold to my body’, and fits perfectly now. After a few days of wearing it, I hardly felt it anymore. It wasn’t too tight, and it covered and supported very well, being a ‘sports bra’ type. Between my Longevity bra and my compression stockings, this spoonie was very happy.

Now about that 8-in-1 bra. I waited until I was at home for Christmas break to email Knixwear, and to try it on again when I got home, to make sure that my views hadn’t changed.

They hadn’t.

So, I emailed the company. And through this customer service transaction, as well as their products, they have gained a customer for life. When I emailed them with my problem, they didn’t ask for me to return their product before sending me a new one, but instead sent me a gift card right away to receive a new one, through their site, in the correct size. I ordered not only the smaller size in the padded version, but also another Longevity bra in a different color, to support their company and in order to get rid of my old migraine-triggering bras. And when I asked them if they needed me to send the other bra back? Their response was

As for your current bra? We ask that you pass along the bra to a friend, family member, or donate it to a women’s shelter. 🙂

One last thing that impressed me, when I decided on a new bra to try, my order shipped out the same day I purchased it. Which was just a few days ago. So when I receive my new Knix, I’ll write another post! But until then, I want to encourage you to go check out Knixwear. They have some holiday deals going on right now, they are quickly becoming one of my favorite companies, and if you’ve ever had trouble finding a good bra (and let’s face it, we all have), then give them a try! Here are a few more reasons why you should:

  • The customer service is excellent
  • Their company and products are designed and run by women, which is why they fit so well, especially for spoonies who have chronic pain — and I especially love the stories they highlight, whether that is a history of cancer, pregnancy, health issues, or just learning to love your own body
  • The products truly are the most comfortable foundation garments around
  • Their models are real women, not air-brushed, photoshopped, “stick figures with poofy lips”
  • They just added to their collection, now designing loungewear as well as bras and underwear
  • They also sell gifting kits, perfect for the holidays
  • And last but not least. . . because this is not a sponsored post, but rather, one grateful spoonie, who found a company very impressive, and their products to be lifesavers, and wanted to share that wonderful find with others.

Once I get my new 8-in-1, I’ll do another post. But until then. . .

Have you ever tried Knix? What is your favorite thing about it?

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