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I love getting to know you, my gentle readers, so please contact me!

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And if you want to connect here on the blog, then try one of these. . .

  • Leave me a note telling me what posts are your favorites to read on Second Breakfast.
  • Introduce yourself; I never know you as well as I’d like, so tell me about you!
  • If you are also a blogger, leave me a link! If you would like to guest post for me, please email me–I love to spotlight other bloggers, when I can.
  • Are there any questions you have for me? Don’t hesitate to ask!
  • Have I been neglecting updates (about books I’ve currently been reading, my chronic daily headaches, life on the farm, etc. etc.) that you’ve been missing? Tell me, and I’ll get those in the works!

Now stay awhile, friends, and let’s get to know one another.

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2 comments on “Contact Me

  1. Hello Amalia,

    I enjoy your zest for life which comes through the carefully crafted and highly engaging writing in your blog.

    I noticed that you have posted an artsy photo of my book THE CHRISTIAN WORLD OF THE HOBBIT. As a Tolkien fan, might you be interested in my other two Tolkien books = HOBBIT LESSONS; A MAP FOR LIFE’S UNEXPECTED JOURNEYS and TOLKIEN: HOW AN OBSCURE OXFORD PROFESSOR WROTE THE HOBBIT AND BECAME THE MOST BELOVED AUTHOR OF THE CENTURY?

    If so, just email me a postal address to send them to. In the meantime, keep writing.

    With best wishes.

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