Saying Goodbye to Second Breakfast, and Hello to New Adventures

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I was 15 when I started Second Breakfast, my first little blog adventure. I can hardly believe that. It’s been 4 years since I published my first post here, but over the last couple of years, I haven’t been able to get into my writing here, as much. I’ve written posts for The Mighty, and I’ve been writing, but not publishing on here as much. The articles that I did write remained unedited, unpublished, unread. They just didn’t seem to fit in, and I haven’t published hardly any this year, although I keep writing, even in the midst of school work and other projects.

As this stagnant state continued this year, I kept wanting to start with a new strategy, a new goal for the blog, but I never did–every time I sat down to come up with a plan, it didn’t fit. Then, I started talking to my sister about this, saying I want to start fresh, and should I just delete the old posts? Shut it down for a month, edit new content and start posting again? What else could I do? I felt like I was trying to revive a dying project. She asked me a simple question I hadn’t thought of before:

Have you thought of completely rebranding, with a new blog, a new name?

I started thinking about this. And I realized, I have outgrown Second Breakfast. My writing has changed in the last few years; I’ve grown up, and as I’ve aged, my writing has too. I’m more vocal about my chronic illness than ever before, and have found a passion in bringing awareness to chronic illness sufferers, such as myself. I am in college now, and traveled across Europe this summer, and through those new experiences I have even more new ideas for posts (and tons of pictures!), and now that I’m back home I’m cooking and baking and reading and photographing more and more again, and. . . Second Breakfast doesn’t fit anymore.

Second Breakfast is not the right name for me, anymore. And as soon as I realized this, a new name came into my head. One inspired, again, by a book, and by events from this summer. One that is up on my new adventure in blogging: Joy Runs Deeper.

Tomorrow Joy Runs Deeper officially launches with it’s first blog post, which will bring you an explanation of the name, reasons why I’m starting over, and my blog plan. Then we get into the good stuff, and I am so excited to start writing and publishing blog posts again!

I do feel sad to leave Second Breakfast behind. There are a lot of blog posts, comments, photos, and memories I love from my time with Second Breakfast. But it’s time to move on, and I’m happy to be starting this new adventure! No posts are published yet on Joy Runs Deeper, but I have published the ‘about’ pages, and you’re welcome to look at those before the official launch tomorrow (and make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the newsletter, going out on the first of each month).

I do hope that, although Second Breakfast is being shut down, you will continue to follow along on this new adventure with me. I have loved meeting you through the past 3 years, friends, and can’t wait to get to know you even better on my new blog!

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