Starting Senior Year and a Huge Back-to-School Bookmark Giveaway! {Closed}

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This week marks the start of my senior year in home school (the real start, not the ‘I need to start this-and-this or else I won’t get it done’ panic start of just a few school subjects). Yay? I honestly can’t believe it’s my last year. We’re reading scripts for melodrama–the last one I’ll be in. We’re collecting school books–I have a stack of books I want to read for history on my desk, a list of still more on the computer; I have math and science to catch up on, and I’m already ahead in English, as Brit-lit is my normal reading. I’m also studying a new language, and need to get back into cello. All while working at the bookstore and still going to doctors to try to figure out my CDH. Whew!

We always start later than the public schools and colleges, so it’s funny saying this is a ‘back-to-school’ giveaway, but it is back to school to me!

My 'bookmark bowl'!
My ‘bookmark bowl’!

A few months ago, I started sending messages to Etsy shops, asking about doing a giant bookmark review and giveaway with about five, maybe even ten Etsy shops (some of my favorites, old and newly discovered), and I ended up with a whopping fourteen! Finding myself with so many bookmarks, it took me quite awhile to decide how to conduct the giveaway. So here’s how it works: I’m dividing up the many wonderful bookmarks these shops have sent for you, dear readers, into packages for four of you. That means there will be four lucky winners! The giveaway runs from September 12 to October 2, and there are several entries you can do every day for extra points.

My original plan was to use them and rank them as my favorites, but with so many bookmarks, and all so different, I didn’t think that would be quite fair, so I’ve just put the bookmarks into two categories:


Just-for-fun, the bookmarks that I love, but don’t use often because a. they’re thicker than I usually like to use (yes, I’m one of those book geeks who thinks you should use paper, or something as thin, as bookmark–and don’t even mention dog-earing pages!) b. they stick out one side of the book and I tend to catch it on something (I’m also sort of a klutz), or c. they’re just not the ones I tend to grab, because they’re not at the top of my bookmark bowl. This category has the most, including some of my favorites. . . (look at that cloud! and the kitty!)

These bookmarks are from: Lanatema (cloud corner bookmark), Nini Doll Handmade (cat elastic bookmark), White Flowers Design (red leather corner bookmark), MidSummer Blooms (metal ‘on to the next chapter’ over-the-side bookmark), Southern Charm Boutique (‘we’re all mad here’ red velvet bookmark), Stitch and Wood (giraffe wood bookmark), Engraved and Entrusted (leather strip & copper charms bookmark), and daisyeyes handmade (embroidered hoop with bird wearing hat bookmark).


Bookmark-bookmarks, the bookmarks that I use more often, because a. they’re just paper, perfect for slipping between pages, b. they’re nice and slim, so if I leave them in the books for long, they won’t warp pages, c. they’re usually closer to the top of the bowl (this is the chicken-and-the-egg question; do I use them more because they’re on top, or are they on top because I use them more? 😉 ) and d. they’re (typically) more ‘traditional’ bookmarks. Plus, they’re just beautiful!

These bookmarks are from: ShopNia (who created personal bookmarks just for Second Breakfast! Totoro bookmark with Mark Twain quote), Castle On The Hill (set of 6 Pride and Prejudice bookmarks), Caroline Argo (‘shhhh!’ cut paper bookmark), Dreamy Elephant (teacup and teabag bookmark), and Musetta Y Mimi (‘we are all mad here’ bookmark).

So! Now that you’ve seen my bookmarks, I suppose you’ll want to see the ones for you! I left them in their packages, but behold. . .


So now, it’s on to the giveaway.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have a mind to and a minute to, I’d appreciate it if you would share this post! Let’s make this the biggest giveaway Second Breakfast has hosted yet! And a big thank you to all the Etsy shops who worked with me on this giveaway.










9 comments on “Starting Senior Year and a Huge Back-to-School Bookmark Giveaway! {Closed}

  1. Amalia, can I just say that I love, love, love your new theme! It is so fresh, professional, and artsy! Your photos, also, are on point. So fun. 🙂 Good ol’ back to school day again. I was feeling rather odd that I would not be going back to school this fall for the first time in…forever…and then I started teaching a few college classes so I did, indeed, go back! Funny how things like that happen. These bookmarks are all so cute!
    Bethany Lotulelei recently posted…Autoimmune Paleo: Week 4My Profile

  2. Oh, this post is so awesome! I love your photos and all those gorgeous bookmarks! What fun that you are sharing them. I’d be tempted to keep them ALL! I do usually have several books that I’m reading at the same time, after all!

  3. These bookmarks–ANY of them!–would be most appreciated. I am always reading at least three books at the same time. Right now my bookmarks are paint chips and recipe cards, functional but not beautiful. I could use a good dose of beautiful. Thank you and God bless.

  4. Cute bookmarks! It is hard to pick just one, but I think that the Pride and Prejudice ones are my favorite (tell Jess that I say hi!).

  5. What a fun idea to review bookmarks! In a household full of very active boys, I would love to win one that promotes quietness and femininity. 😉 I look forward to reading more about your Senior-yesr adventures, Amalia!

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